By Fuperman - 02/06/2013 23:14 - France - Illange

Today, I went on my first ever assisted skydive. I fainted after we jumped, and only came to as we touched the ground. FML
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Eliseopwns 22
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Precisely, because then we wouldn't have known what happened!

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Yes, that's the only reason to praise god that he's alive, for this fml.

Did anybody read the "assisted" part? It was NOT a solo jump.

I was going to leave that exact comment, but as an atheist.. I didn't know who to thank that it was an assisted jump.. So I just punched an orphan in the face because atheists are bad people

Why? For the glory of satan of course!

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Sarcasm 101: Person was in no real predicament. Assisted jump. Calm your pants.

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At least you lived through it!

Yes indeed but I believe the first 2-3 jumps must be "assisted". (Strapped to an instructor) Then there's a long course you must complete in order to obtain a sky diving license, which allows you to jump by yourself. I doubt any place will let you jump on your own the very first time and cross their fingers you remember what to do while you're free falling. Even if you don't faint. :P

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There are some places (or were a decade ago) that did the course and then solo jumps, but they had the chutes on a rip cord, they deployed as soon as you left the plane, only a second of free fall as it opened, and no input on the part of the jumper.

Only the first one for me was assisted, all the other ones after that the instructor jumped with me but I was solo. He just held on and told me to turn. Also I haven't finished the whole program with only 6 jumps under my belt.

You dont have to jump assisted nor do u need a licence. At least in Canada. My whole family started sky diving two years ago unassisted for all of us our first jumps, none of us obtained a licence but there was a 2 hr course ahead of the jumps.

It was an assisted jump. He would have only been in danger if the chute hadn't opened or something happened to the instructor.

They could've meant it's lucky it was an assisted jump? Or that they're lucky to be alive since life is so awesome? Or maybe they're lucky lighting didn't strike them? Or possibly that the jump instructor didn't draw a penis on their face on the way down?

You need to breathe. You held your breath after being in a "thinner" higher altitude air. Proper breathing and you'll be wide awake next time!

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Oh god... There's gonna be a next time?! Good luck, OP, you're much braver than I am, it seems.

When I went, I couldn't breathe at first, tried screaming and nothing came out, I could see how one would faint. I saw a YouTube vid of a guy who fainted and guy trying to steer chute and keep guy's head back to keep airway open. Yeah I was relieved when chute opened, then enjoyed the ride- and views!

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Very true. Went skydiving for my first time last weekend, and couldn't breathe at first. I suffer from asthma and am used to having to control my breathing. So, thankfully I had a clear enough head to force myself to breathe.

Dang you missed all the excitement. Now you have to do it all over again.

That's what I feel like doing on the first drop of The Titan at Six Flags Over Texas.

the titan is nothing. try the poltergeist or Mr freeze...

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No way. Try the TeaCups. Crazy stuff man....

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X2 at 6 flags magic mountain is pretty awesome too

Thanks God you're ok, now that you know what to expect you can enjoy it with your eyes open next time!

Better luck next time. Maybe you'll wake up half way through then.