By missclitter - 09/04/2012 18:18 - United States

Today, I was at the movies with my boyfriend, when I had to go pee. Halfway down the aisle, I tripped, screamed, and fell face-first into some guy. My boyfriend is now accusing me of cheating and "flirting" with every man I see. FML
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How unfortunate, but how is screaming the same as flirting?

Whoever tripped you must be one Helluva wingman.


How unfortunate, but how is screaming the same as flirting?

Viciousstorms 7

Well look at the bright side... He clearly isn't too bright, and you can find a nice guy with some intelligence.

Dump his dumb ass. Seriously, don't be weighed down by such an idiot.

No, you can't just dump anyone and everyone every time they make a mistake. You should try to solve it. That's how healthy relationships work.

If he's so jealous and irrational, then it's probably not a healthy relationship to begin with. So get over it.

None of you are even trying to answer 1's question.

Gorillas scream and holler when they try to attract a mate. Or is that only King Kong with blonde girls?

Showing he's jealous of other guys talking to his girl, is just showing how much he cares. But accusing her is wrong...

Jealousy /=/ love, ever.

MerrikBarbarian 9

64- uh no. Love does not equal jealousy. Freaking out if your girl talks to someone has nothing to do with caring. It has to do with your own insecurity and should be a red flag to any girl you have anger issues

Did u pee on the guy!?!? When I scream I pee my pants

Poor guy you fell onto! Just trying to watch a movie in peace...

DontGuessMyName 5

Says the superhero dog.

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"I guessing could understand"... Your grammar scares me.

Go back to school! Lmao!!

Keliosan 6

It could just be a typo...shit happens get over it.

it's not your fault i spell stuff wrong or type stuff wrong all the time

crazyrunnergirl 7

This is obviously not your fault...

Sinamoi 18

*In Snape's voice* "Obviously..."

stevenJB 25

Oh. How marvelous! ^w^

You shouldve went with Antoine Dodsons voice, geez! Lol

jisaac09 25

It is stupid not to trust the person you are with. If you don't trust them to remain loyal and honest then leave them. Every healthy relationship has to have trust.

Unless you're with a cheating girl who can't keep herself off of other men while she's dating you and cheats on you two times because you were too stupid to not trust her! *pants* But yeah, you should definately trust your significant other. :)

RaquelW 7

like 4 said, then leave them and stop bitching.

stevenJB 25

Your boyfriend sounds immature and isn't willing to take a moment to listen to his girlfriend. FYL

Your avatar is how the guy looked when op landed on him.

stevenJB 25

Haha. Clever!

Whoever tripped you must be one Helluva wingman.

xoconnie 8

nice comment it made me laugh out loud for real hahahaah

McNerdyNerd 8

Your boyfriend has the observating skills of a lamp post. Next time you see him talking to a female relative, accuse him of the same thing..see how he likes being accuse for competely stupid reasons :P

4everblackjack 10

If he always accuses you of something like that then he has some sort of issue. Have a serious talk with him.

TarieBoo 2

tripping over every guy she sees tsk tsk

perdix 29

After your head was in his lap for ten minutes, the "accident" alibi didn't work anymore.