By ForeverAGirlfriend - United States - Aliquippa
Today, while vacationing with my boyfriend of 9 years, he started writing "Wi" in the sand. I instantly hoped he was going to propose by writing, "Will you marry me" on the beach. He spelled out "wiener" instead. FML
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  JusTheo  |  17

He could be a nervous guy, or doesn't want to deal with issues that marriage can do in the legal system. If she wants to propose to him, I see no harm.

  thejonac  |  21

some people prefer long courtships before deciding to settle down. after all, marriage is an important life decision and some people prefer to make sure they're comfortable with their life partner before getting married.


Why #8? We don't even know how old OP and her boyfriend are. And for all we know, they could be together since middle school, meaning they would barely be out of highschool.

  Miss_Whipped  |  43

#13 I'm not sure what's funnier, your comment, or the idea of OP seeing her boyfriend whip out his wang and thinking he's about to propose by writing "Will you marry me" in the sand with his penis.