By Lockedinroom - United States
  Today, after a shower, my dad jokingly asked if I was jacking off in the shower because I was taking a long time. Before I could respond, my mom chimed in with, "No, he does it before he showers, haven't you noticed how he locks himself in his room?" She was right on the money. FML
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  TwiztedYuri  |  9

well she probly does his laundry... and sweat doesn't make socks stick to other clothing. so unless he pours glue into them its a bit obvious. 2+2= nasty socks

  sarah6786  |  14

Its not that hard to do your own laundry. I know you might be tempted to cum up with some excuses, but doing it yourself might save you the embarrassment, and you'll be lending your mother a helping hand.

  sig4life  |  18

Well if he lives at home he probably doesn't get the chance to do his own laundry. Although that doesn't apply to everyone.

Moral of the story, use something that won't get you caught, or buy a lot of cheap socks do you can throw them out. Also changing your daily routine may help.

  Kingbreezy04  |  10

Naw man she be hatin' B.C. She be on that fiddy shawty playas don't be likin dat shit foo naw mean YOLO ?.............It's called English buddy. I was born and raised in the hood, a very, very rough hood. Even then I don't know anyone who talks like that.

  vark10  |  7

Totally heard the flavor flav voice as I read that, and now a few hundred of my brain cells have imploded. Only a couple thousand more and ill be able to talk like that.

  Kingbreezy04  |  10

Just because people are from the hood they're idiots? I'm from the hood, going for my Bachelors and my Masters right now, but then you say South Bronx represent? How are you going to diss your hood, then represent the hood? So that's like if I said, "The only people who eat at Wendy's are dumb people. I love me some Wendy's.

  The_Big_Boss  |  20

I don't put cameras in my house, and I'm damn near 100% sure there are none.. But can you really be sure? You never know some weirdo might have broken in and hid one or something!

  poccocurantes  |  7

There is no reason to be that paranoid. people masturbate and if your parents put cameras all over the house they deserve having things they weren't meant to see burned into their brains. Don't do anything you are ashamed of and don't be ashamed of the things you do and you will never feel any shame.

By  shorty6823  |  28

Not as bad as my dads girlfriends son. He's 12 and just learned about the fun of being a man. He now takes hour long showers because it's "relaxing."