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Today, my teacher "busted" me for writing down answers on my arm for a test. The so called "answers" was just a duck my little nephew had drawn on my hand the night before. She's actually trying to get me suspended over it. FML
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I'm sorry, OP. I hate when teachers pick on students unnecessarily. Just go to the principal and defend yourself. Good luck!


I'm sorry, OP. I hate when teachers pick on students unnecessarily. Just go to the principal and defend yourself. Good luck!

And here I am thinking all Canadians are the good guys

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But, did he not clean himself since the previous night..?

#44 it was only the night before, it's not like op's being unclean. Plus the drawing would probably take longer than overnight to rub off.

@44 have you never drawn on yourself? it takes days to come off my skin no matter how much I scrub

Some teachers are straight up satan spawn. I was being bullied by the same group of kids, and every time I told the teacher she would say "tell me if it happens again" and drop it there. I went to the principal after about a month and got the same response. Finally one day I lost it and punched the kid back, just as the teacher walked in. I was suspended for 3 days for "assaulting an innocent victim" and told that it doesn't count as self defense unless you are surrounded by people trying to hurt you.

you should take a picture to prove the point just in case

Dang it. I said cow on question four. Damn you old McDonald.

Every 4th question, the answer was duck. The other three were Llama.

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#18 either you don't understand the basics of "Duck Duck Goose", or you made a very bad joke.

Some teachers are ridiculous. Like the one from a while ago kicking all of her students out and bitching about them. Tough job and its a shame we don't always get the best person for the job.

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Did you show her it was juat a duck?

OP probably has one of those teachers that always assumes they're right and didn't even give a chance for defense.

well when the question was "what are you going to draw today?" Billy Madison style, you were cheating! was it blue?

Man, is this a universal thing or what? everywhere there is that one teacher, who likes to create mountain out of molehill and pick on students for no apparent reason. Btw, i hope you don't get suspension OP.

You didn't take a shower before going to bed and before going to school?

Could've been a sharpie. Even taking a shower wont completely get rid of it.

Newsflash: Not everyone showers every day. Some say it's bad for your skin to shower every day.

I would purposely avoid washing something like that off.

Thats the same thing i was thinking ???

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why would you shower before and after sleep?

Some teachers.. I think it's cute that your nephew draws on you :)