By Damian - 22/04/2011 11:11

Today, my mom confused me with my dad. She got in the shower with me. FML
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hwilly 0

awkward as a ************, I would of jumped right out


MrFlintstone 5

lock the bathroom doors when you go in there

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

omg for a moment I read the FML wrong and I thought it said your dad got in the shower with you :O but yeah so what if she did? you were naked inside of her for 9 months...

yea defiantly the worst way to start your morning

17 - maybe op's bathroom door is like mine. the lock is broken so u cant lock the door.

Your mom KNEW it was you and NOT your dad!! :p

eyez_lay_low1921 0

haha. would've been funnier if it was ur dad in place of ur mom.! but yea incest is NOT cool

cookie_3008 4

i think the problem here is... that SHE wasnt.

19, so your saying it's alright for a naked mom to join their teenager's shower?

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

64 - no but his life isn't ****** :/ well unless she's really old and wrinkly :O

*cue jingle* the best part of waking up.... is seeing your mom in the buck...... NOT!!!!

sassypants93 17

69, So you're saying that if his mom was hot that it would be better?

Replace "mom" and "dad" with "grandma" and "grandpa." The confusion becomes slightly more explainable, while the scenario itself becomes... -shudders- FYL, but see, it could've been worse.....

#32 what i it wasnt in the morn i take showers at night :)

Pics or it didn't happen. And also rule 34

simply_improper 1

wow, are you sure she wasnt just testin the waters? maybe she meant to get in the shower with you. but when you freaked she played it off like " oops"

Relalith 1

how did 35's comment get so many negative votes? hilarious.

Person000 0

I ******* hate people like 19 that always compare the story with something nothing like it. Yes as a fetus he was in his mom. As a ******* teenager I might think its uh maybe just a little weird? For that matter,#19, why don't you take showers with your mom?

Whoa there buddy. Take a deep breath and remember it was a joke, one that was in no way directed at you (unless your his mom, I doubt it). So why get offended?

op is just lucky his mom didn't come in and continue doing it. "Honey you have gotten shorter (I'm talking about height not something else)" "Mom?!?" "Oh honey it's you! Well I already got in"

varkey 7

@33: then you should fix it... i don't understand why you wouldn't, even if i was broke that'd be the first thing i'd spend on after food and OP... that really sucks and that's disgusting...... FYL

Jammy01jams 2

that's ******* gross. you realize you sweat while sleeping and your hair becomes greasy. people shower in the morning and brush your teeth after you eat Breakfast. I don't enjoy your deathly smelling breath, nor your BO of your bed.

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how often do you get outside? jw.......

Sprossy1 0

*begins repeatedly throwing up*

mattmadden 0

Eww #3 would you have kept it going? :x

awww yeah;) I'd embrace it... with lube

skaterpaige 3
darseidia 0
MyFirstKiss 0

no winsest that'd be just plain nasty insest

tacocannon99 5

dammit. that was a funny comment. you need to learn to get a frikin seems of humor dammit

hahahaha I love how you make one joke and then suddenly everyone hates you. XD But ew.. that's a creepy thought...... Happy Easter!.,.

LaylaaMariee 0

i don't know what a seems of humor is... I know what a SENSE of humor is.. but... either way... you need help :)

shumian 4

eww wtf u ******* incest freak get the **** out of here!!!

Wow thats like the most thumbs down ive seen!O_o

emilyd10 3

Dude thats ****** up and disgusting

Ok a) he was probably joking and b) over react much, 340?

You do realize that's incest, right? Which, in most cases, is illegal. Depending on where you live, it can be punishable by life in prison.

shae_butter 0
ImaWiseGuy 5

I wonder if it's gonna be in one of the dinner conversations tonight.....

purplepandaz 0

it's even awkward sharing a bathroom wth your parent cuz you know they do THT sorta stuff… DX

A7X_LoVeee 10

He left a letter out. I'm pretty sure you were able to figure it out.

hey is there a way we can contact other uses on FML ?

kittykat1501 31
mrbungles 0

nice. beginnings of a good ****.

lucas755 1

good is a bit of an understatement

mrbungles 0

your right. an amazing porno. the possibilities would be endless.

If this isn't wincest, I don't know what is...

proudcookie11 0

your dad is going to kick your ass for moving in on his woman.

at least your parents still enjoy each others company and get it on. Hopefully you can erase that image of her naked in there with you lmao