By perfect - 04/02/2013 20:47 - Canada - Whitby

Today, my boyfriend and I arrived at our pre-paid hotel for a romantic evening. When we went to sign in, they had no reservation for us, however they did yesterday. The payment is non-refundable. FML
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So was it your mistake, or the hotel's?

It's the hotel's fault considering the couple pre-paid for their room.

Actually, maybe I'm wrong. The couple could've been too late to check-in so they lost their reservation. In that case the OP deserves it, the wording of this FML doesn't make it clear; for me anyway.

xStaciexLynnx 15

Not if the couple made the reservation for the wrong day...

I would want to say that it's the couples fault. But not enough information was given. If you pre-pay for something, does it not usually tell you the day(s) of service on the receipt? I could be wrong, but that's what I did when I pre-paid for a motel whilst at Canada

I don't see how the couples would have any fault in this. They reserved a hotel room, they arrived, said room was taken when it shouldn't have, and the couples got ripped off their money.

StalkerChick 13

Could be the hotel's fault. I once set up an appointment for 2:30. The receptionist even wrote down 2:30 on the appointment reminder card, but put 2:00 in the system. So I was late for the appointment.

35 oh my bad, I guess I read the FML wrong.

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Wow, the dislike trolls are up late tonight.

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No it's not, you're an idiot.

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What a shame... Good money wasted on a room you didn't get to use! Poor OP :(

No that's when you sit there and you demand to speak to someone in charge and get your money back if it was the hotels **** up.

YDI if you need help with time management call my dad. Father time

Pretty sure OP isn't up to waste more money on a call. I wouldn't at least, since people are supposed to learn from mistakes like this one.

The_Water_Ninja 9

#3 ...I was going to say something about your comment...but this is a time when it's not worth it..

How do they have your money if they have no reservation, and how can they possibly get away with that?

Ugh. I misread the FML, please disregard my stupidity. I think this will only be my third time getting buried. :(

RvidxrKlvn 8

Relax you made a simple mistake, it's all good.

I'll thumb you up so you're down to -13 at least, if if helps any.

Anyone can mix dates up, I'm sorry it happened to you though :3

Yeah, I remember once when I got my dates mixed, I ended up taking the wrong girl home...

Just go to a small, fancy and cheap bed and breakfast. Most of the time it's as romantic as a hotel.

dontpanic_fml 32

Fancy AND cheap...piece of cake

kiraleann 16

If it was your mistake and you had your dates mixed up-shouldn't they have tried to call you to find out if you were keeping your reservation? It just seems to me that they would do that. If it was their mistake, they should be fixing it, or at least not keeping your money.

Why? People rarely need to be reminded of their hotel reservation. Besides you usually don't give your phone number when you book a hotel room. If you book a room and don't show you have to pay. Plain and simple. Even of it wasn't nonref.

I once made the same mistake as OP, but then the hotel called me because they had noticed the mistake and simply changed the date so we had a room for the next day. I think every hotel should do that, you don't mistreat a paying customer.

Maybe the customer shouldn't be an idiot then... I missed a flight two years ago and guess what, I had to pay extra to get it changed to the next day. Why? Because I made a dumb mistake and those were the consequences. If you can't keep your dates for flights or hotels straight, then you better be prepared to pay for it.

doomsauce 3

Not the hotel's responsibility to call, assuming they even have the guest's phone number.

Well, you can always call their administration and let them know your situation. Perhaps they will give you your money back, or at least give you another room.

I bet you that lonely chick from an FML a while ago paid extra for the room you guys expected. Join her, she has no friends.