By ohseven6421 - 03/09/2010 04:13 - United States

Today, I decided to drive my mothers Bentley. She is out of town and told me not to go near the car. Being 17, I didn't listen. As I was backing out the driveway, I was hit by an SUV, seriously damaging my moms car. Who was driving the SUV? My mom, coming home early. FML
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You deserved it, doesn't matter if you're 17 driving a Bentley which isn't even yours is retarded regardless.


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haha ya ydi but I can say I've been there, used to take the parents half ton joy riding when I was thirteen, until I got hung up on a snowbank. lesson learned my friend.

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ydi for thinking your life could suck when you own a bentley

what does being 17 have to do with not listening to your mom?

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as soon as I read that there was a woman in an SUV, I knew something bad was going to happen.

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Of course you did, because it had already been stated that something bad had happened. Idiot.

33 - ZIIING!! Op fyl for having a bentley. I pity you

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#30 - What did you think he was going to say? "I took my mom's Bently out and nothing bad happened. It was awesome and she never found out"? You are an idiot.

YDI for lying. Name the brand of the coupe but the SUV is just an SUV?

alliewillie 22

YtotallyDI. "being 17, I didn't listen." You're one of those people that always has an excuse every time you exercise your stupidity, aren't you.

"being 17 I didn't listen"... no because ur a moron u didn't listen, I'm 18 and if my parents told me not to drive their car I would actually listen to them.

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OP you guys must be loaded to have a bently & an SUV.

Your moms an idiot 4 not bing careful and u need to look over your shoulder

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dear mother of the bentley; it is very obvious YOU wrote this FML. why? because what teenager would say 'being 17, I didn't listen'. get off FML and go fix your gas guzzling suv and sell whats left of your bentley. ps don't come home early...let ur kids have some well deserved time away from you. learn a lesson

your screwed man, but ydi for not listening.

There goes your college fund! Though I doubt you're smart enough to get in anyway. YDI for being an asshat and your mom deserves it for leaving her keys at home while she left.

Oo hi mum i was jst puttin the car on the lawn so i could wash it??

You could have said: "Oh, I took it out of the garage to wash it....ya know!!" If she ran into you it would legally be her fault or not maintaining control of her vehicle.

103 - I doubt it went that way. if I saw my kid driving my car I wouldn't be like "oh let me crash into my car so he can pay for it!"

I ******* hate women in SUV's. It's a problem waiting to happen... on wheels.

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this sounds like an average teenager bored with his middle class life decided to daydream about what it would be like if he was rich and had a bently and thought about all of the possible good/bad stuff that could happen to him then decided to post his daydream on FML to make it one step closer to reality by making other people believe that it was true.

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I'd rather have a Subaru and spend the extra cash making a man cave.

obviously not middle class if his family owns a bentley...

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70, you're an idiot. We own 2 gas guzzling SUV's!!! Oh no!

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ydi for blaming your bad listening skillz on being 17

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lmao you are totally right no teenager would say "Me being 17 i didnt listen". That's like saying "me being 15 had sex"

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ahah, that was dumb xP I agree with #1

being 17? don't blame it on your age, blame it on your inability to listen.

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#70 - "let ur kids have some well deserved time away from you. learn a lesson" So she should stay at work because the children deserve the right to the house?

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FYML For not knowing how to drive and for now having a busted up Bentley.

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dumbass I'm 17 and I wouldn't be stupid enough to even take out my moms car if it was a bently...

i know did she make u pay 4 damage YDI WHEN IM 17 I WILL LISTEN

Ah, such wonderful timing, isn't it, darling?

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oh you poor baby I pity you for having a bentley how ever will you survive

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i pressed YDI after reading the first line

You deserved it, doesn't matter if you're 17 driving a Bentley which isn't even yours is retarded regardless.

Ye i like how OP said "because i'm 17" like it's some sort of excuse or validation.

monnanon 13

why does this feel like it was written by OP's mum as an unusual form of punishment. Must be the "being 17, I didn't listen." line lol

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Yeah that's what I was feeling while reading it too haha

I was going to comment saying the same thing!

Huh, makes sense. I didn't even spot that at first.

ydi but you are pretty damn lucky that you didn't get injured

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**** your moms life. She was trying to hit the neighbor when your dumbass got in the way! Now, not only does she have to deal with 2 busted up vehicles and an idiotic child, but she still has to live with her naked, yoga master of a neighbor.

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Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh! Chortlechortlechortle! *sarcasm

Chortle sounds like it should be Squirtle and Wartortle's cousin.

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double-jointed yoga master lol.

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^^^ Epic amounts of love for #143

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Ydi your mom must've been testing you if you'll obey her. But when you didn't she "accidentaly" hit you. ;3

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don't make me accidentally ram into your backend.

FFML_314 11

She's a child and you're a disgusting creeper. Nobody wants to, "lick your jock." Nobody wants to date you over FML. I can already tell by your cheesy pick up lines that you're not very smooth, but you're not some hideous troll, so it's safe to assume you're also a complete and total creep in real life. Please, get off the internet, stop trolling for kiddos and find yourself a real nice blow up doll, because the future is not looking very bright for you. Stalking girls on the internet will land you a great roll on, "To catch a Predator." I hear Chris Hansen is very nice.

Cmon, it says right in his profile that he's a "swell guy."

knibbsy 4

I see a wedding ring and a mustache on lickmyjock. Being married and saying that is bad enough. Having a mustache while being alive is bad enough. A married guy with a mustache? You make Geraldo Rivera look like a class act.

FFML_314 11

That's not a wedding ring, it's obviously a purity ring. He's saving himself for Graawr.

FFML_314 11

Good catch on the wedding ring.

knibbsy 4

I don't care if it's a ******* **** ring, the man has a mustache. A MUSTACHE. Some old Italian men can pull off a mustache. No one under the age of 60 can. At his age, he should be imprisoned for rocking a stache, and forced to give mustache rides to every overweight inmate after said inmates finish playing football.

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He doesn't look like the kind of guy, to put up a big fight. He probably hands out mustache rides on Sundays, when the 60 year old bus drivers have a day off.

knibbsy 4

FFML, there is no comma after guy. Anyway, based on the margarita he's drinking in collaboration with everything else, he probably IS the bus the old men drive.

Doesn't look like it'd be an enjoyable ride, his 'stache is pretty lame.

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I know. I didn't notice in time to correct it though. I have a terrible mental image and I should leave.

...knibbsy, did you have a traumatic experience with a mustache as a child or something?