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Today, a lady called the candy store and wanted to know our ice cream flavors. We have 30 and I had a line of people to help, so I directed her to our new website. She called back, wanting me to walk her through finding it. I couldn't, as we're not allowed, so she called me useless. She showed up. FML
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Did she make you recite all 30 flavors, then chose vanilla?

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At least in person she was able to SEE all the flavors... Unless... Well I'm assuming she isn't blind if she was able to go on the website.


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At least in person she was able to SEE all the flavors... Unless... Well I'm assuming she isn't blind if she was able to go on the website.

Are you assuming that blind people can't use a computer? Why can't blind people use the Internet? Oh my God we can't even use the phone! Why hasn't anyone told me? How am I even doing this? Actually the customer is not blind because a blind person would have had no problem navigating a website, or if there was an issue, would have known exactly what was wrong with the code. Some blind people I know would have even offered to re-create the website from the ground up....

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I meant no offense to any blind people. I personally don't know any so I am ignorant on how easily they can navigate a website.

? no worries. Sorry if my comments came off rude at the beginning, I was actually coming for funny but must have missed by half-mile. Go figure but yeah actually places had a website that is accessible it would be a lot better for us to go to a site and read the menu, instead of having to deal with the hassle of having someone go through the menu with us if the place doesn't have a braille version. SoMe employees are nice and will take the time to help if you're there and tell them you can't see.

As a sidenote, huh I didn't know that a thumbs up Emoji converted to a?.

I saw it funny at first, but not near the end. And I had a decently known friend (just online) who was blind that I used to sit down for hours and talk to.

Maybe she just wanted you to take her to the candy shop and let her lick the lollipop

You're seriously living up to your name.

It's a song. Why does that make him annoying?

@23, you seriously haven't heard a single annoying song in your life?

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Unless you are an online-only business, the phrase "first come, first served" still applies - those that put in the effort to show up will get the effort of staff to assist them.

Why were you not allowed? I understand that customers in the shop are prioritised but if there weren't any what's the harm in helping callers?

Probably because there was customers in the shop

I guess #4 meant if in a scenario there weren't customers in the shop, they don't see why the employees aren't allowed to assist the customers via a phone call.

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I think OP meant that they weren't allowed to waist their time telling someone how to find their website when the customer can just Google it.

#4 My job is the same way about such requests. There's way more we could be doing in shop (cleaning, straightening, swapping out product) than to direct you online. It takes too much time and effort when usually there's a number on screen for such questions. It's one thing to ask if we have something you saw online, but I can't just sit on the phone with you while you try and learn how to internet. It's not cost efficient.

Did she make you recite all 30 flavors, then chose vanilla?

Where do you work that has 30 ice cream flavours?? I want to go!

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YDI because you were badmouthing a customer to a customer and she caught you. No sympathy

Where does it say that? Even still getting staff to walk you through finding a website, just Google the store name, not that difficult, the staff has better stuff to do.

Ah, I see, I missed that. She insulted her and was being all around ridiculous though, so, although not a great thing to do, I really don't blame OP that much. If you're going insult people, don't be surprised if they vent to others.

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I'm not surprised, however, it is extremely unprofessional.

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Some people like to project. The woman knew she was being ridiculous so she called you useless. I bet she took a lot of your time in the shop, got a single scoop then complained about it, asking for a refund for her half eaten cone. Some people are so annoying.

Awful. If the customer would have made up her mind before calling, she could have simply asked "Do you have melon?" or whichever flavour she prefers. What she actually did was disrespectful and unnecessary rude.

Reminds me of when I worked at Tim Hortons and people would ome into the drive thru and ask what kind of doughnuts we have. My first question was "What kind are you looking for?" Generally they would say something with filling, or sprinkles or something, which was fine. However, some of them said "Nothing in particular, just what kinds do you have?" At which point I would tell them "We have all the popular ones, such as (names five donuts)". It's not my job to read off 30+ names of donuts and tell you what they taste like. If you want to do that, come inside.

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I don't want to imagine the frustration that would cause, especially in a drive through where you are somewhat expected to maintain a fast pace. That sounds just as bad as people that can't make up their mind at Subway.