By craZycatLady - 20/04/2015 18:06 - United States - Mission

Today, while spring cleaning, my cat came into the kitchen with a live mouse in her mouth. She looked me dead in the eyes and dropped the mouse, which then ran into my bedroom. It's been 4 hours and I still can't find it. Where's the cat? Chilling like nothing happened. FML
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Your cat sounds like ruthless.


Your cat sounds like ruthless.

The typo I may never take back. :)

I bet the cat is just trying to be nice to stupid little OP by trying to teach her how to hunt. Yet OP has so far failed to even locate the prey. Kitty is probably mortified by now, just watching.

The cat was just chillin like a villain.

Or perhaps hunting like a cunt.

Dogs>other animals as pets>cats

The cat found it once now it's OP's turn

SystemofaBlink41 27

The middle one implies that you think owning a hippo's a good idea.

Yes, typical cat. She is trying to help op to become a good hunter. Some animal behavior scientists say it's likely that cats think we are their slightly dumber big siblings. We don't know how to hunt and so they try train us, like they would train their little ones. Did you know cats do not meow to each other? They only meow to us cause we don't understand their subtle other language!

Owning a hippos not a good idea, but it's not a worse idea than owning a cat

What's up with the cat facts?

It's probably found a hole somewhere !

nityasomaiya 46

Or maybe the cat and the mouse have plotted together against OP. The cat by raising hopes and dropping them, the mouse by... well, being a mouse, and dropping hopes further.

piemanfood 19

Cats are dicks

So it's a real mouse hunt then?

Stuart Little strikes again

JMichael 25

Hey Tom never actually eats Jerry.

Why was this required? Did you really think your comment improved this thread in any way? It didn't.

tantanpanda 26

Tom and Jerry plotted against op

Is your cat Garfield?

Garfield didn't catch mice. He was lazy and generally just had conversations with them.

Yeah, that's true. It was a bit of a stretch for a pathetic joke on my part, ahaha.

Saving it for later !

by letting it go?