By misopower - China
  Today, after 9 months in our relationship, my boyfriend and I lost our virginity to each other. We had incredible, mind-blowing sex. An hour later, he broke up with me because apparently "my orgasm face is ugly." FML
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  FarSide  |  22

Oh please. "Mind blowing" is relative. If it is a couple's first time, and if they both had orgasms, then for them it was mind blowing. Was for me and my wife the first time. And God have mercy... we have frequently enjoyed "mind blowing" * 5, wild, uninhibited, freestyle, chandelier, monkey sex. Never thought it would be better than the first time though. And, btw, it was hysterically funny... for some reason.

In fact, after writing this, I think I'll go see if my sweetie is awake...

  Emberlin  |  0

@ 5, 64, 86, and 115: When I lost it, it was the best sex I'd have for a couple of years to come. That being said, my guy was reeaallly experienced and I didn't have a full on orgasm but it was still amazing sex. Sorry if yall didn't enjoy your first times but just cuz yall weren't naturals like some people, doesn't mean you have to bring everybody else down

  DizzyDemon0  |  9

My first time sucked. Not because the sex was bad..but because I ended up in the hospital. Turns out i'm allergic to latex. Being found by your girl's father while she screams and you're passed out with a condom on, dick hard, is the worst ever. Good times...Good times..


this is why i think sex before marriage is wrong, becuz once u loose it (ur virginity), ull never get it back. he just used that as an excuse, he dumped cuz ur too easy. but now days, most girls are too easy.

  LadyAshley  |  0

To #101: Where the Fuck did you hear that real girls don't have orgasms? Girls CAN have orgasms, but most women can't. I can have an orgasm, I have been able to have one for a long time.

  raisethebar  |  0

A very small percentage of girls have orgasms solely through vaginal intercourse. maybe 17%. But girls do have orgasms. Are you retarded? Some are pre-orgasmic, meaning that they haven't had an orgasm yet. And of course, some girls can never orgasm. Key word though "some".

  canadianhannah  |  18

@161, you're dumb af. I don't think there's such a thing as being a 'natural' at sex, because different people like different things. Besides that, you even said yourself that your guy was experienced, so that would have made it more enjoyable for you. If someone, like OP, lost their virginity at the same time as their boyfriend, it may not have been as enjoyable because of a lack of experience.

  Nick402  |  0

Well, yes, the first time is the best sex they've ever had, and to them it IS mindblowing, until they try it with someone else more experience, and then the standards are raised.

  smiller0789  |  3

I didn't think my first time was mind-blowing at all. I was just, like, "This is it?". And, no, he wasn't a virgin. He claimed to have slept with 15 girls before me.


Mind blowingly painful maybe?? mind blowingly awkward.... aren't those better ways to describe a girl's first time?? But hey, if it really was mind blowingly good, then at least it wasn't horrible and then have him leave you cuz you bled or something. Point is, he's an asshole and probably watched too much porn and watched fake O-faces before he saw a real one.

  edenkylie  |  0

really? hmmm, because when I lost my virginity to my boyfriend it certainly wasn't mind-blowing.
It was more like my vagina was being ripped apart from the inside.
I don't know, maybe that's just me.
Also, he probably left her because he wanted to have sex with other women.


Big penis does not equal better sex. Why be rude when he just did her the best favor by getting his shallow ass out of her life. I wouldn't want to be with someone like that for more than one date let alone 9 months. Now she knows what kind of person he is... he needs to stop being a child... and be mature.