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Today, my fiancé and I planned a romantic movie night. Champagne, popcorn, romantic comedy. Then his friend decided to show up and they've been talking about 1st generation Pokémon ever since. FML
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Join in! If you don't know first gen Pokemon GTFO!


Thelnternet 7

You obviously don't understand the importance of first generation Pokémon.

plus she should be glad they have the time to discuss it, for i don't even have enough time to sleep, let alone watch D':

NoisyNykkii 10

However, things did get weird after the first 150.

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But u have time to read fml and post comment xD funnnny.

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1st generation was the best then it got retarded the first 2 leauges should have been all I understand making money but they killed it for all the real pokemon fans

Poor, naïve OP thinks she's more important than the first generation of Pokemon.

Boygenius50 8

YDI for not appreciating Pokemon...ESPECIALLY Gen 1

1st was clearly the best, but the second gen was great too. Those are the only two generations where I actually liked all of the starters (c'mon, Cyndaquil, Totadile AND Chikorita).

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Exactly, it is pokemon,and they are grown ass men

The only people who don't like the new generations are the ones who stopped following the series, in which case your input means nothing.

167 - the series was based on the games, in case you isn't know. The game got weird after Gen I, but the show got downright bizarre after Gen II. There's stuff happening in the show that is flat out impossible in the game!

Pokemon? I would choose that too. First generation? Shame on you for even THINKING he'd choose a romantic night over first generation Pokemon!

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Anyone else find the steady rate of pony icons a nice change? "Screw the topic, I have money!"

Boygenius50 8

Being a competitive pokemon player who attends VGC tournaments and a major pokemon nerd, I feel that I need to post on this subject. First off, nothing is wrong with the newer games. They are all fine, and are actually a lot better gameplay wise. Let me ask you this..have you even played the new games? Or are you just blindly judging them based on your love from the first game? People always claim 5th gen is uncreative as if 1st gen didn't have it's share of uncreative pokemon. You have a group of eggs(Exeggcute), countless ball-shaped pokemon (Voltorb, Electrode, Jigglypuff), and shit (Grimer, Muk). People also say that some pokemon just look stupid from the newer games. Let's be honest, who actually liked Mr. Mime? Not to mention in the first games the countless glitches, psychic types being overpowered, and AI that would usually spam stat boosting moves even if they were at the max. If you haven't played the newer games, give them a chance. Go out and play them. If you have, then I can't really argue with you for liking the first gen games. But don't let your love for the first game ruin your hate for the newer ones. #182, the show still had stuff that didn't happen in the games in the first season too. Bulbasaur using whirlwind, pikachu being able to defeat Onix, and Rhydon aiming at it's horn? I could go on, but those are the main ones. The games also didn't "get wierd" after the first game. I've played through all of the games, and I love them all. If you thought it got wierd after the first game that just means that you're growing out of pokemon, which is ok. #48 I realize you like 1st gen, but 150 really? What about Mew! @OP Was this all planned? If he brought his friend over when this was planned that's just rude. That aside, why didn't you join in on the conversation with them? Just like discussing any other topic, why's it so different if it's pokemon?

deepunder 17

1st and 2nd gen has been mostly forgotten. Who remembers ekans? Also read ekans backward

Please, tell us all why. Give us a good reason why you should like the original 151 pokemon better than the rest.

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Join in! If you don't know first gen Pokemon GTFO!

Who the hell would want to watch a... romantic comedy over talking about Pokémon?

As long as it is more than just Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasuar

Well it does take a while to catch em all. I'm sure they were working out some sound strategies on how to control their charzards.

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Well your first big mistake was trying to make a man watch a romantic comedy. Strike two was actually getting mad at him. WHO DOESNT WANT TO TALK ABOUT POKEMON?!?!?!

Dr0reos 8

135 ive always found blastoise the hardest to controll

This all isn't legit unless we all wear our pokémon T-shirts from when we were 9

I wanna marry OPs husband. This is more of a win then an FML. What lame chick doesn't like Pokemon?? :o

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74- you may now count yourself among my heroes.

3- I wouldn't expect a girl with duck lips in her profile picture to understand the love for Pokemon.

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Well, they ARE so dumb that they had to headbutt their keyboard to come up with a name.

Wow that's rude of your fiancé to just forget about you and turn his attention to his mate :/

Not sure why you're being downvoted. Regardless of the subject (even if it's as awesome as pokemon), if you had a romantic night planned with the two of you, your fiance should have been more considerate.

Sexaaydino. I don't think you understand...Pokemon is the shit..

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Damn straight! And hey maybe they were talking about dem jigglypuffs. Real men love jigglypuffs.

uuuh... could be 25 or so and that would be normal. 1st gen was awhile ago ;)

5- op is a cradle snatcher and her fiance' is 12 ...

if he was really 12 he would not even know about 1st gen pokemon.

What, you're saying adults can't play Pokemon? My stepfather is 33 he practically owns my ds. FYI my mom hates Pokemon.

One does not simply get too old for pokemon.

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My 12 year old brothers knows about gen 1 Pokemon

I'd join them. I loved pokemon as a kid.

NoisyNykkii 10

All right. I lied. I still love pokemon.

NoisyNykkii 10
NoisyNykkii 10

It kinda did..... but everyone has got to love Pokémon.

You have to admit though. Pikachu as Thor is pretty awesome.

NoisyNykkii 10
skullofdarkness 18

Really? I couldn't tell, given that you have a picture of pica-Thor as your profile pic...

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Sounds like your boyfriend needs to dumped! Or you need to not date children!

kandi_kid69 15

Fiancé not boyfriend. Why should she dump him? It's ******* Pokemon.. She should join them.

Swedude 5

Yes. Because him liking Pokémon totally wrecks their entire relationship.

NoisyNykkii 10

Children nowadays don't even know what Pokémon is......

7) You sir have obviously never watched the big bang theory, or watched 1st gen.

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If she joins them, even sympatheticly, all she has to look forward to for their aniversaries will be pokemon conventions..followed by more FML's about her fiances' pokemon obsession.

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this comment is a joke right? ....

If op was dating children they wouldn't know about 1st generation Pokemon

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#7: I think you spelled "I am a retarded tool" wrong in your comment.

#YOLO!!!! As much as I hate Pokemon... I would of rather chosen the romantic movie...!!!

NoisyNykkii 10

Did you seriously just say 'yolo' with a hashtag in front of it?

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#19 - She's now officially the honorary douche of the year.

kandi_kid69 15

._. "#YOLO" was not needed..

Kefka91 15

#36 - And now I must edit this comment because you edited yours. Otherwise I'd just look like some crazy fool (moreso than I already do) -_-

Damn #8 your going to get it now, you should have never said YOLO.

Kefka91 15

#41 - Despite what you may think from morons posting/saying "YOLO" all the time, it is actually not a new discovery. Smart people have known that you only live once long before even the invention of fire, so we don't need you YOLO-ing all over the place.

kandi_kid69 15

No you don't live once. You live twice.. Duh.

Yup #8 you better play it off you like you were messing around or just making fun of it.

I will stop YOLO-ing then!!! Haha.. I find this amusing and idk y...!

NoisyNykkii 10

52- Shhh! That was a secret! :(

beelee1988 13

Haha At 52 I kind of feel bad for them.

NoisyNykkii 10

^ words can describe how much I hate this comment. WAIT, that was meant for 62.

Oh ok I thought you were talking to me haha but yesi agree

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Jesus and Zombies lived twice..

Sorry got my messages mixed up, sorry for the confusion everyone.

No #78 they call zombies the walking dead. So Technically they aren't alive.

**** I didn't even notice that, the invention of fire hahahah that's funny as hell.

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grace12898 0
Kefka91 15

#104 - Cavemen probably. I guess "the wheel" would've been a better reference, but whatever.

Opheliac73 8

I usually despise the whole 'YOLO' thing but here I overlook it. But then, that's only because they HATE POKEMON. What's happening to the world?

Fire was not an invention, but more accurately a discovery.

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I've come to hate "YOLO" so much that I felt a wave of irritation and anger when I saw that stupid hashtag with YOLO after it. That being said, "YOLO" didn't even make sense in this situation. And Pokémon is amazing.

Not only was the "YOLO" annoying, you should have said "have instead of "of," and the comment didn't make any sense! Do you mean as much as you LOVE Pokemon, or as much as you hate ROMANTIC COMEDIES? Does anyone get what I am saying?

BradTheBrony 19

You know, you can't spell twitter without twit. Which is where this belongs. SO BACK FOUL BEAST! BACK I SAY! TO THE DEVASTATED TWITTER WASTELANDS WITH YOU!

Thelnternet 7

Pokemon is romantic. Just look at pikachu and his relationship with the ketchup bottle.

MerrikBarbarian 9

I am having some very disturbing mental images right now... O-o

Anything can be romantic with Rule 34. Or just plain dirty and wrong.

Or look up Pokemon love song on YouTube. The first result is by a user called helloiamdanica or something close to that. She's really cute and her song is so romantic!

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