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  kevinn95  |  0

1st generation was the best then it got retarded the first 2 leauges should have been all
I understand making money but they killed it for all the real pokemon fans


1st was clearly the best, but the second gen was great too. Those are the only two generations where I actually liked all of the starters (c'mon, Cyndaquil, Totadile AND Chikorita).

  XanderJayNix  |  17

167 - the series was based on the games, in case you isn't know. The game got weird after Gen I, but the show got downright bizarre after Gen II.
There's stuff happening in the show that is flat out impossible in the game!

  Z3kial  |  4

Being a competitive pokemon player who attends VGC tournaments and a major pokemon nerd, I feel that I need to post on this subject.

First off, nothing is wrong with the newer games. They are all fine, and are actually a lot better gameplay wise. Let me ask you this..have you even played the new games? Or are you just blindly judging them based on your love from the first game? People always claim 5th gen is uncreative as if 1st gen didn't have it's share of uncreative pokemon. You have a group of eggs(Exeggcute), countless ball-shaped pokemon (Voltorb, Electrode, Jigglypuff), and shit (Grimer, Muk). People also say that some pokemon just look stupid from the newer games. Let's be honest, who actually liked Mr. Mime? Not to mention in the first games the countless glitches, psychic types being overpowered, and AI that would usually spam stat boosting moves even if they were at the max. If you haven't played the newer games, give them a chance. Go out and play them. If you have, then I can't really argue with you for liking the first gen games. But don't let your love for the first game ruin your hate for the newer ones.

#182, the show still had stuff that didn't happen in the games in the first season too. Bulbasaur using whirlwind, pikachu being able to defeat Onix, and Rhydon aiming at it's horn? I could go on, but those are the main ones. The games also didn't "get wierd" after the first game. I've played through all of the games, and I love them all. If you thought it got wierd after the first game that just means that you're growing out of pokemon, which is ok.

#48 I realize you like 1st gen, but 150 really? What about Mew!

@OP Was this all planned? If he brought his friend over when this was planned that's just rude. That aside, why didn't you join in on the conversation with them? Just like discussing any other topic, why's it so different if it's pokemon?

  Dr0reos  |  8

Well your first big mistake was trying to make a man watch a romantic comedy. Strike two was actually getting mad at him. WHO DOESNT WANT TO TALK ABOUT POKEMON?!?!?!

By  HSOMGF  |  5

Time for an upgrade.

By  sexaaydino  |  14

Wow that's rude of your fiancé to just forget about you and turn his attention to his mate :/

  Isoldael  |  27

Not sure why you're being downvoted. Regardless of the subject (even if it's as awesome as pokemon), if you had a romantic night planned with the two of you, your fiance should have been more considerate.


If she joins them, even sympatheticly, all she has to look forward to for their aniversaries will be pokemon conventions..followed by more FML's about her fiances' pokemon obsession.

  Kefka91  |  15

#41 - Despite what you may think from morons posting/saying "YOLO" all the time, it is actually not a new discovery. Smart people have known that you only live once long before even the invention of fire, so we don't need you YOLO-ing all over the place.

  Fangsnuzzles  |  8

I've come to hate "YOLO" so much that I felt a wave of irritation and anger when I saw that stupid hashtag with YOLO after it. That being said, "YOLO" didn't even make sense in this situation. And Pokémon is amazing.

  sferrero  |  0

Not only was the "YOLO" annoying, you should have said "have instead of "of," and the comment didn't make any sense! Do you mean as much as you LOVE Pokemon, or as much as you hate ROMANTIC COMEDIES? Does anyone get what I am saying?

  XanderJayNix  |  17

Or look up Pokemon love song on YouTube.
The first result is by a user called helloiamdanica or something close to that.
She's really cute and her song is so romantic!