By Anonymous - 25/07/2009 21:12 - United States

Today, I was checking out my boyfriend's facebook profile. I saw that he had just taken the "How long will it take for your girldriend to realize you're cheating on her?" Quiz. FML
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Hmm, he should have taken the "How long will it realize until my girlfriend's paranoid enough to assume I'm cheating on her over a facebook quiz that could easily mean nothing" quiz?

I shouldn't have laughed, but I did.


I shouldn't have laughed, but I did.

haha it was prob a joke -- ruin a frat poll vote for star wars characters on the right

@#1: I agree. :x But uh, in response to #100 yeah I must agree, 80% of the quizes on Facebook are BS. But that should raise concern. Some people, though, just click "accept" to every app they get. Others (like me) ignore 95% of the invites they get. It just depends on how bored the person is.

You are officially my bestfriend. AHAHA

I'm laughing at how OP seems to take it so seriously. I've taken a Quiz for "What color are your eyes?" I mean I clearly know what colour my eyes are, so it's stupid to take such quizzes, especially on Facebook so seriously.

Girildriend... Nice.

it says "girldriend"...:P

Stop being so paranoid over a cheating on you "girldriend" test

Hmm, he should have taken the "How long will it realize until my girlfriend's paranoid enough to assume I'm cheating on her over a facebook quiz that could easily mean nothing" quiz?

Lmao. That's what my thought was. If you really freak out that much before asking him what's up maybe HE should break up with YOU.

#8, agreed. If I take the 'what STDs do you have' quiz, doesn't mean I'm riddled with AIDS. Boredom and psycho people are a dangerous mix.

That was my thought. I took one of those "just for the boys" quizzes, but I'm not a boy and my taking the quiz doesn't make me one. It just meant I was bored and curious about the result. Besides, if he's stupid enough to take that quiz and then post the results to his profile (because making it visible is optional, for those who don't know) while actually cheating on his girlfriend, then he's not a very good cheater! Uh - not that cheating is a good thing! I would say it's more a skill. Um, a skill that no one should ever practice. O_o I fail at making that sound decent in any way, so I'll stop now!

even if he did make it visible...he probably thought it was funny. he was probably thinking, "i wonder how long before my gf freaks" then tomorrow, we'll see his FML, "Today my gf broke up with me over an online quiz. FML."

#14, totally. OP, you're his girlfriend no need to worry about his girldriend : )

@#83 that commment just made my day

gramer jokes FTW

well...what'd he get?

@greenltrn2003 Ya rly.. Rofl.. But that doesn't mean anything... And that makes you, OP, a POOP STICK OF FUCK!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA COCK ON AN ASSSSSHOLE!!

lol yeah, did his result match the date you saw the quiz and decided he's cheating on you?

Aww sucks!! But it is not a must that he is cheating on you. Guys sometime take such quiz for fun!. I do it when i bored.

Either way, that boyfriend is dumber than a sack of hammers. What a nunce.

are you sure your bf wasn't just bored and taking random quizzes? Cuz I do that all the time

lol :) sorry i had to laugh maybe you shouldnt be so paraniod?

woa my pics like urs but red

bro thats an edites pupil

oh wow. that sucks

What's a "girldriend"?

Apparently something you can cheat on.

I think it is like a standerdized test... He cheated on it with his new girldriend...

yea, I know depending on the personality of my girlfriend I might just take the quiz to mess with her. Ask your bf more likely to be a joker, or a flat out idiot....because you would have to lack common sense to take that quiz if you were really cheating.

It might mean nothing. I'd probably take that quiz if I was in the mood to, even if I was single. *shrug*