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  Feared  |  9

I wish I had the power to give anyone I wanted diarriah on the spot. I would stand by the terminals, and hit everybody when it was time for them to board.


May you never gain super powers... Honestly though... You'd be the worse super villain. Explosive Diahrea Man/Woman (I'm on my phone and can't check gender right now, sorry)... On the flip side if you used your powers for good... No one would ever dare rob a bank again. And... I'm clearly thinking WAY too hard about this...

  micahsmommy  |  13

Sorry. This is what I get for posting on FMLs after being woken up at 3am. I read *it* instead of *I* and by the time I noticed the difference it was too late to change.
On a seperate note, why does everyone keep calling me "child" or "youngling"? Last I checked I was one of the older people on this site.

  hatesfate  |  6

Probably because when the site is mostly 13-17 year olds at 21(?) while you're one of the older posters there are still people who are older than you...