By Anonymous - / Thursday 14 January 2010 19:41 / United States
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  Fop  |  6

You're a vegetarian because you can't handle anatomy class?

@OP: YDI for trying to do something you can't. Honestly, if you FAINT from your anatomy class, that's a good enough excuse not to go.

  CyclonePsycho  |  1

If you don't try, then you don't know what you would be able to do. I've seen a lot of stupid FML comments before but never something like "YDI for trying something new."

  harmony88  |  0

That's like humans eating cows.... we're both mammals, just not the same species. Parrots are not the same species as chickens but they're both birds.

  Tigg3r  |  3

I don't eat big chunks of meat because I witnessed one get slaughtered.that cancels out steak,pork chops, and a lot of other big chunks of meat. I'll put up with ribs but only if they're coated in BBQ sauce.

  harmony88  |  0

I've seen how animals are slaughtered and I still love meat.... to be perfectly fair, if the animals truly went through any suffering, the meat wouldn't be any good. That's why hunters have to be a good shot.... if the deer doesn't die right away, the meat is ruined by adrenaline and other fear hormones. It may be gruesome to watch a slaughter, but that doesn't negate the fact that it's quick, efficient and humane.


it's not like it was alive. It was already dead, I don't really think it cares. Are you an organ donor? If you are, they're going to disect you when you die!! Shit, think about that one.

  glutgyoogle  |  6

In most ADVANCED science classes there are lots of dissections. she probably dissected a fetal pig-- not a full grown pig. I've done sheep heart, frog, fetal pig, cow eyeball & rats for my biomedical class.

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