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Today, I was dissecting a pig for my anatomy class. The smell of four day-old dead pig caused me to faint. My mom drove me home and warmed me up some left overs for lunch. It was pork chops. FML
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this reminded me of the trailer for the movie where they feed the baby pig bacon...


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YDI for not being Muslim= no pork/gelatin(e)

I thought that was Jews :/ If not, no offence meant xxxxxxx

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when I disectef the pic the smell was also sickening

e.e thats the reason why I'm a vegetarian haha

You're a vegetarian because you can't handle anatomy class? @OP: YDI for trying to do something you can't. Honestly, if you FAINT from your anatomy class, that's a good enough excuse not to go.

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If you don't try, then you don't know what you would be able to do. I've seen a lot of stupid FML comments before but never something like "YDI for trying something new."

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YDI if it's something that causes more suffering to exist in the world. Try new things but not at the expense of others.

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Shut up. It was the smell. Im prettt sure the OP isnt used to the scent of a pig thats dead for four days.

91 - you can't smell the actual pigs, she fainted from the smell of the preservatives... which smells the same on day 1 to day 64

this reminded me of the trailer for the movie where they feed the baby pig bacon...

Don't feed the pig bacon! that's just wrong! what movie was it, it's killing me.

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The Spy Next Door... I think.

Why not? We had a parrot once who loved chicken....

That's like humans eating cows.... we're both mammals, just not the same species. Parrots are not the same species as chickens but they're both birds.

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that movie is the spy next door btw.

FYL for having parents with horrible genetics.

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ahhh poor pigs!! I hate eating pork, because my friend scarred me for life on how they get slaughtered :( so I don't eat it ever!!

I don't eat big chunks of meat because I witnessed one get slaughtered.that cancels out steak,pork chops, and a lot of other big chunks of meat. I'll put up with ribs but only if they're coated in BBQ sauce.

I've seen how animals are slaughtered and I still love meat.... to be perfectly fair, if the animals truly went through any suffering, the meat wouldn't be any good. That's why hunters have to be a good shot.... if the deer doesn't die right away, the meat is ruined by adrenaline and other fear hormones. It may be gruesome to watch a slaughter, but that doesn't negate the fact that it's quick, efficient and humane.

You dissected a pig? What the **** is wrong with you you brute???

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it's not like it was alive. It was already dead, I don't really think it cares. Are you an organ donor? If you are, they're going to disect you when you die!! Shit, think about that one.

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yeah, dissect a live human next time

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maybe she is in anatomy were you dissect animals regularly. I'm in anatomy and we've dissected chicken wings, sheep brains and sheep hearts. smells not to pleasant :P

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In most ADVANCED science classes there are lots of dissections. she probably dissected a fetal pig-- not a full grown pig. I've done sheep heart, frog, fetal pig, cow eyeball & rats for my biomedical class.


youlivetodie WTF you're such an ass. stop trolling FML!