By Anonymous - 14/05/2012 00:25 - United States - Newark

Today, it's my birthday. All I wanted was birthday sex, but all my boyfriend could talk about was how great the new purse he got me was. I think he might like it more than me. FML
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Maybe he just feels really good about getting you something.

Aw that sucks, but at least he got you something, right?


Aw that sucks, but at least he got you something, right?

Make the best of it and involve the purse in your birthday sex. Figure it out OP!!

How the hell would you do that?

JocelynKaulitz 28

Maybe he's trying to catch you by surprise?

jajaflan 4

You should buy him a purse no joke

Wtf? He gave you a nice gift and what do you do? Fmylife!!!! Naah fuckit, im done.

ifoundalaska 11

16- come in the purse?

91 - Okay, that's just strange.

ifoundalaska 11

Well it would be incorporating the purse.

If she wanted to incorporate the purse into it, she could just model it naked, which will most likely lead to sex.

Depends what she looks like... Unless you mean the purse is the 'turn on' ...

Agree with 49. If the boyfriend had gotten nothing and wanted to just have sex, we would still see an FML about it..

blueandpurpleroc 4

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or he is a decent boyfriend who cared enough to buy her something she'd most likely use.

Devin91 20

Well this is a very metro sexual generation, but I doubt it's that because he probably cares about his gf.

Well it could have been a lot worse I guess

He could've gotten her a walrus and the walrus took a massive dump in the kitchen?....everything can always be much worse...

She could always get birthday sex from someone else and then give the purse back to him so everybody is a winner

Maybe he just feels really good about getting you something.

He probably put a lot of time and thought into the gift. Say how awesome it is and thank him with sex. Win-win!

Hmm, sounds like someone's questioning his sexuality... But hey, on the bright side, at least he got you something!

You're an ignorant little prick, now, aren't you?

Wow wow heeey chill it 66.

5, just because he has good taste doesn't mean he's gay. He could be so proud that he chose so well he keeps talking about it. Plus there are some gay men who have horrible fashion sense!

well it coulda have been a lot worse i guess

thejewishfuhrer 17

This comment sucked the first time you posted it. That's twice.

That's when you whip out the sexy panties and seduce him.

OP should just get nude and strut around with the purse he bought...

OP should just get nude and strut around with the purse he bought...

Jealous of that purse getting all his love?

Hey, I'm just sayin'. Be thankful that he actually got you something, he was just happy. Trust me, it could've been worse

i love birthday sex too, lets bang

With such pickup lines I'm surprised you even have time to read FML with all the sex you're getting and all the women begging you to take them.

That's kind of cute :) At least he does not only care about sex, so you know you got a keeper. So cherish that he don't want sex 24/7, because you may get bored of it and make excuses later. Not likely, but may happen. And I kind of envy you.. So have a nice birthday!:)

wow I can't believe your post, and by and by you look nothing like Kurt cobain, you look more like that Chris guy that was screaming and crying when people were bashing brittney spears...lmao!!!

52, it's a joke:P And I have heard that on stickam before xD

ifoundalaska 11

52, what the hell is wrong with you

Something is wrong with 52..? O.o I don't really mind him atm ^^

Yay! Your a brony! *brohoof*

*brohoof* Always nice to see fellow bronies