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By sucksatlove - 25/07/2013 23:20 - United States - Sewell

Today, I finally worked up the courage to start a Facebook chat with a guy I really like. It went so well, and he even agreed to hang out sometime. Seconds after we finished our conversation, he changed his status to, "Desperate bitches really piss me off." FML
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Maybe he's talking about something else?

MEM0817 18

After seeing his did you change yours to "Asshole dudes really piss me off"


Wow, sorry to hear that OP. Maybe you should try to meet people in the real world.

gczizza1997 15

How do you know she has never met him?

Wait, so that person I married in Skyrim doesn't count?

Geez! Why the thumbs down? I was just saying you can't tell what a person looks like, is thinking,etc. from behind a computer screen. At least face to face you have a better chance of spotting the asshole. Doesn't matter if she knew of him before or not if they've never talked.

Most likely, if she already had a crush on him, she knew him in real life, outside of Facebook.

Yes, because I'm sure you know all your Facebook friends on a personal level. When I had Facebook I had people on there that I went to high school and grade school with. I'm lucky if I even knew half of their names. I'm at a loss for words for the fact that the youth of today think the only way to talk to someone is through electronic devices. Pardon me if I think talking to someone face to face is still a preferred way to get to know someone.

#79, I realize that OP said she had a crush on him, just because you know of someone doesn't mean you know them or have ever spoken to them. Christ, half the kids today have a crush on the Tweens of Twilight... Does that mean they know them?

OP set a date with her crush to HANG OUT in 'real life'. So clearly she wanted to get to know him better IN PERSON. Your first comment wasn't that bad but once you go against the FML Gods they will bury every comment into oblivion. I suggest you accept this one as a lose. Happens to all of us.

@89, you're just digging yourself deeper into a hole here. Accept the loss and move on, man. Save your dignity. What are you even going on about? Nothing in this FML suggests OP doesn't know this dude, I'm pretty sure everyone but you inferred that the OP knows this guy in real life and wants to know him /better/, so they set up a date.

nightowl713 25

I'm not sure how YOU operate Facebook, but unless you are young/dumb and are adding people you don't know because you think it makes you look cool, or are an avid fb gamer and add randos for free crap on said games, most people add their friends, people they have affiliation with in the real world. If I don't know you well enough to at least say hi when I see you in public, you aren't getting approved.

#89 So, considering what your profile says 'feel free to message me'. Isn't knowing who is behind the 'electric device'

Wait, who did you marry? Cause if Aelas cheating on me....

Holy crap Fugi I wish you could narrate my life. Because youve obviously already figured out all teenage minds. Oh and OF COURSE I have a crush on Edward and Jacob, even though Im a straight guy. Jeez, just explain everything to me please, you obviously knoweverything about me and my mind.

like zomg how could you be so nasty. what a world we live in where someone could say such a thing. you are like a bad version of hitler.

yryilmaz 13

Wait, a bad version of Hitler? I was under the impression that he was already bad.

This isn't any eHarmony or Omegle shit, it's Facebook, where you are acquainted with people perhaps in your school.

#121 are you cereal? do you not know WHAT HITLER DID & WHAT THE THIRD REICH WAS ALL ABOUT?!?!?! WW2, The Holocaust, Auschwitz?... Somebody please give this poor kid a history lesson, an encyclopedia or a google link! Something! education system = epic fail

This string of comments is a bunch of interesting. I don't think Op is stupid enough to plan to hang out with some random guy on the internet. Either way, it seems she cannot win.

NagainaFier 16

#117 She is. With me :3 We go for late night hunts in the woods~

SenselessPattern 12

I did not realize FML commenting is a win or lose kind of battleground. The fuck are you guys going on about, with "You lose" and "take your loss"? I guess "Bad" opinions means its game over man, game over! I applaud the guy for continuing to try to make his point.

teamlightskin 14

#165 The comment isnt the "loss", its the fact that he keeps trying to make a valid point based off judging the OP's post. Most likely she knew him and as everyone else pointed out, if they made plans together then she wants to get to know him better in person. He failed at getting his point across. Why keep arguing a wrong point?

They were going to meet you'd think she knew him

Maybe he's talking about something else?

That could be true, but I think he might be talking about "someone" else.

or maybe his dog was just desperately thirsty

Yea, I find it odd that he would call her a desperate b*tch even tho he accepted to go out with her sometime. Maybe he wasn't talking about you, OP?

It does look bad but it doesn't necessarily mean it's about you. If he follows through with hanging out, then you shouldn't worry about it, but if he bails then forget him.

25 - Are you Nigahiga?!

No he probably wasn't. Could be a coincidence but most likely is not. Chances are it was about her.

teamlightskin 14

What an asshole.

yeah?! well I mother fucking agree!

Yup he's wrong for that

I guess in his eyes you must be desperate to want to date a douchebag like him.

And that's when you say - "two faced jerks really piss me off."

I'm a guy and I hate it when other guys do stuff like this... It isn't right and I just think that girls deserve more than assholes like that guy. I know I sound really "gay", but girls deserve more respect.

Megan639 16

Maybe he wasn't talking about you?

Steve95401 49

The timing is too coincidental for the Facebook status not to be about OP.

I really hope for OP's case it wasn't! Call him out on it OP!

Baytheshark 14

Alas, that could result poorly for OP. Since it seems he has no qualms against posting such a rude status, something that was most likely going to be discovered by OP, she may just want to keep it quiet and not react. Or he could kill him with kindness.

#22, I was thinking the same thing...but then again he could be talking about someone else. but like everyone said, he should've been honest in the first place and told OP he wasn't interested instead of leading her on.

I actually think the status he posted is so low, lame and immature. Anyone who makes such a statement, whether about you or not, is not worth the attention. It might make you feel better to unfriend him and forget about him.

84 , you're totally right. calling someone who made an honest effort to get to know another person a "desperate bitch" is extremely low and unattractive.

MEM0817 18

After seeing his did you change yours to "Asshole dudes really piss me off"

That would have been great if she did a taste of his own medicine

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Or she could just ignore him and move on. That would make her look even more desperate in my opinion. Might as well get off Facebook and go meet someone with better qualities.

more like "Passive aggressive douches really get me off"

Sounds like he wasn't worth it in the first place. You'll find someone who actually deserves you someday :)

just forget about him. And try not to sound desparate

graceinsheepwear 33

Or disparate. That can be desperately confusing.

toughchick14 15

At least now you know he an asshole. Don't worry OP you will find someone better.

I agree. love will come to you, don't try to hard to search for it! just be yourself and show him what he's missing!

ya she definitely shouldnt hang out with him

Honestly, if he has such a passive aggressive bitch attitude, I really think you're better off not being involved. A good man would have been personal and told you during conversation that he wasn't interested, but an asshole would pull that sort of shady shit. Good riddance, and sorry you fell for such a dick

Can I triple thumbs up this?

ILoveMyArm 15

@37 Sadly that would take three thumbs and if that is your case then I would get that checked out. Though, I might add, thumb wars with you would be awesome.

73 - I thought you might be more into arm wrestling?

A thumb war challenge coming from a cat? That will be over in just a scratch.

ILoveMyArm 15

@75 Why would I want to endanger my precious arms? By arms I mean the collection I have in my room.

78 - So you don't want people sending you pictures of arms. You want people sending you actual arms? amirite?

ILoveMyArm 15

@78 Why would I need people to send me some when I have endless victims, I mean suppliers, right outside my door.

You should confront him, and if was about you, try to move on. Good luck, OP.

ironik69 31

But if she confronts him and by some small chance it wasnt about her, then she looks even more desperate. :-(

I have a feeling that the guy would either deny it even if it was about her, or just bitch her out, so I don't think confronting him would do much good.

12 & 54 you guys are right.