By Anonymous - 14/05/2012 05:26 - United States - Burbank

Today, I noticed the only time my husband stops snoring like a drunken horse is so that he can fart. FML
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Are you sleeping with my husband?

That really doesn't sound like a good time.


That really doesn't sound like a good time.

I would recommend ear plugs... Nose plugs if you're feeling adventurous.

Indeed, always listen to Pinkiepie! Unless she wants you in her basement to make cupcakes.. But that would mean no more problems with snoring and farting!

If you sleep with a snoring fart machine, you're gonna have a bad time.

Is it sad that I have a 13-year-old female friend who does that while sleeping over?

I just really want to know how to OP knows what a drunken horse's snore sounds like.

tjv3 10

Well if you don't tell him what to do to get you off then YDI for not getting there

I think 64 meant to put that on the sneeze-gasm FML...

you're the horse you mut!

Might have to sleep with a window open?.. Lol

FYL even more if this has nothing to do with sleeping, the window wouldn't even help then!

that's a man for ya!

uJelly24 1

Stupid comment.This has nothing to do with him being a man.

sparklecherry 4

Sure it does. It's a man thing.

jDCrackpot 7

Some strategically placed corks may help you. I'm kidding, but you should look into some snoring remedies.

I feel sorry for you:/ The snoring can be "hard" enough to handle if it gets out of hand, but farting too is just the "cream" At least you don't leave him, and that says a lot about you! So he should be thankful for that

I don't understand what you were doing with those quotes.

Like a not literal meaning, if you catch my drift , sorry.

Keevarou, sorry dude but I've gotta say that your comments are typically as nice-guy-nauseating as Stuart Smalley. This one takes the cake.

Wait, seriously? It's good she doesn't leave him for farting in his sleep? Who doesn't fart in their sleep? Snoring has remedies, though, she should look into that.

You could either get him to wear a butt plug and one of those nose things that opens the nasal passage or you could wear ear plugs.

Haha,well said.

imavelociraptor 6

And you know what a drunken horse sounds like becaaauuussseee??? "Lucyyyy you got some 'splaining to dooo"

Such excessive use of extra letters makes me sickkkkkkkkkkk.

53 - Typing up that comment must've made you hurl.

other121 2

I think it was kinda funny.. If u put the lucy thing into a really crazy pissed off black woman's voice.

I worry from OP's description that he doesn't only snore at night but all day too! You must be worried that if he gets his snoring fixed he'll spend the whole time farting! Might be worth the risk - he should talk to the doc about his snoring problem 'cos there are ways these things can be improved.

DollyDope 17

What a noisy guy. Ear plugs must be your best friend at night .