By momolee - 07/07/2012 19:13 - Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

Today, a woman asked why my daughter doesn't look remotely like me. I just smiled and shrugged it off, but the truth is that she looks exactly like I did before I got my botched plastic surgery. FML
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theslimshadylp 6

I'm guessing if you stick a needle in your lips they will pop

Hope she she doesn't turn out making your choices


People should mind their own business.

Maybe you should not be so ******* uptight. Talking about similarities between child and parent is a great conversation starter and has never really been considered a touchy subject. This is just a bad situation and that's why it ended up on FML.

More like **** face. That pose is infuriating.

nuggetmonster 12

Yeah, but in some situations when people ask "Why doesn't your child look like you?" it's their way of implying the child isn't the parents and trying to (in their eyes) subtly get the truth out. I mean obviously that's not the case in this situation, and it isn't always the case, but I think that's what 1 was thinking when she said people should mind their own business. Some people are just scummy like that.

Marcella1016 31

Sorry I'm inclined to agree with number 1. What if the kid was adopted? What if the kid's real mom just died and OP was an aunt who took her in? Plastic surgery aside, I think that's kind of a weird question. You could easily start a conversation with "what a beautiful daughter you have!" Sucks op got botched plastic surgery, but it also sucks that the stranger put her on the spot, plastic surgery or no. Just my reaction.

Why would you ever do the duckface? All the duck hunters are after you since you posted that extremly stupid comment. Also, everyone hates the duckface and those fake glasses. Do you know how many times per day at school people ask me if I actualy need my glasses?! I'm blind without them and it's people like you that piss me off to no end. I bet you're also what, 12-14 and like Justin Beiber or some pop-shit like that? I'm so ******* sick of seing people like you.

I'm sorry, I still can't grasp this obsurd trend and how it has gotten so popular. I'm sorry.

Either you have a hatred for ducks, or you just get angry very easily.

smilessss 4

76: so wait, do you actually need your glasses?

This goes to HippyKat13. You are rude mean stereotypical and hypocritical... >:( people like you piss me off

I already tried saying sorry. Most people who dress like her at my school are rude prudes and will taunt and tease me, I'm just fed up with it all, I really am sorry..

Yes, I need my glasses. Also, I'm still in pain from my surgery and have not been able to eat solid meals for several days.. I'm sorry, really :/

I will say one this. Duck face pics are not even attractive. I used to think it was an asian thing, but now I know some people are dumb just like those who photoshop their pics to hell.

Also, i never burst out like this, I'm just in a really stressful time of my life right now and i hope you forgive me, guys..

Hippykat, you are asking for forgiveness from people you will never ever meet because they didn't like what u posted?? If u ask me you sound as fake as the people who do dickface poses as wear lenses free glasses.

Just don't judge people anymore... That's horrible, and remember sorry is just a word... It's kind of worn.

This is the internet HippyKat, we don't care as to why you have a random outburst. That just seems like trolling, perhaps you're as fake as the people you rage upon.

I agree with #1. Not even because of what the woman asked (assuming she wasn't trying to be a dick on purpose) but to the idiots railing on the cosmetic surgery. OP could have paid to get a bright green fluorescent **** grafted to her forehead and it wouldn't affect your lives. The fact is, she paid thousands of dollars for a procedure and some cockslap ****** it up, now she's stuck living with the very visible results. FYL OP, I hope you gave that surgeon hell.

#8 unless you're adopted then its annoying-_-

linkinpark98 23

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Part of being human is being imperfect and having insecurities. Maybe looks aren't the kind of imperfections people should care a huge amount about. You're saying "YDI for being human", which is kind of unnecessarily judgemental, Miss Fuckface.

Don't be so sure, I am actually a turtle.

If 13's a turtle can I be a penguin? Anyways if OP went under the knife for correcting her appearance rather than trying to look beautiful then I would under stand why.

Just throwing a thought out there. What if it wasnt a choice to have plastic surgery done? What if it was to rectify problems from an accident?

Then it wouldnt be called a botched surgery. Also she said that the kid looked like she did before. Chances are if the kid had some kind of disfiguration that the mom had (she said that they once looked the same) that would require surgery, then people would not bring it up therefore it is most likely a volunteer procedure.

Keep the thumb downs coming guys. But my pics been a goat for as long as I've had one. Same as my facebook even.

OP never said why she got plastic surgery. It could have been reconstruction from a car accident.

TheUnholyApple 6

No way, 105. I have dibs. I'm not just *an* apple. I'm *the* apple. Ever heard of original sin? Hell yeah, that was me.

If that were the case, her daughter would look like her when she had the accident, and she wouldnt have said it was botched. -shrug-

108 too bad the bible doesn't say a thing about an apple, it's says FRUIT FYI.

No, if you aren't happy with the way you look, you have every right to change it. Let's be real; not every person is born pretty. For the ones who weren't...let them do to their body and face what they want! Who are you to judge?

Daftendirekt1 0

123 - I'd just like to point out how well your comment number goes with your username. That aside, wouldn't we assume it's an apple what with the apple of Eden etc. And the Davinci Code. I'm probably completely wrong. I'm atheist :P

Well I'm a... game. Which everyone hates to lose. *crawls back under rick*

AppallingRogue 2

What, no assassins creed mention going with the apple of eden post? I'm disappointed with you guys...

Just saying, if the surgery was reconstructive or something then OP probably would've mentioned that for empathy.

I don't blame her for wanting to change the way she looks. If she's unhappy, then it's up to her whether she wants to change it or not and its not up for anyone to judge. OP deserves it only because she should've been damn sure she found a reputable surgeon for her case. People who are cheap about anything that will permanently be on their bodies shouldn't expect anything good to come out of it.

Hope she she doesn't turn out making your choices

Hey, how could injecting plastic and toxic chemicals into your face be a bad choice?

Well, I'm not for surgery but it's their body; it's their choice. It's like when people get mad when others say drinking/smoking/etc is wrong. It's the same thing.

Especially getting plastic surgery in Saudi Arabia.

thundergirl_fml 2

88-Except for a lot of those decisions you just mentioned do affect others. (ie, smoking: 2nd hand smoke is actually proven to do more damage than first hand.)

You know it's possible that OP needed reconstructive plastic surgery after an accident. And besides, it sounds like the "professional" didn't quite keep up with the standard of quality.

Yes but people get angry when you tell them to stop smoking and a lot of people defend that it is their choice, wrong or otherwise. This is the same but there is no... 'second hand surgery' so it doesn't damage the daughter physically.

theslimshadylp 6

I'm guessing if you stick a needle in your lips they will pop

Well she could stick a needle in any part of her face and it'll pop.

b0ngs 7

YDI, there's always risks of surgery not working out and maybe you should've thought about that before you went under the knife. You should've just said she looks more like her father

Some people get plastic surgery for reconstruction. And those can get botched too. We don't know why op got it. And even if it was to change something she didn't like, who cares. Plastic surgery isn't for everyone. It's not my thing. But if someone else wants it I'm not going to judge.

They can do it if they want to I won't try to make it illegal, but nothing will stop me from judging people who get volunteer procedures. I think they are crazy

citymayer 7

There's risk in every surgery. Doesn't mean a thing. If someone wants plastic surgery and has the means of paying for it then they can just go ahead and do it because it's their body. I'm sure she did think of the risks and decided she'd go for it anyway. Not all surgeries can go perfect and it turns out hers didn't. We don't even know if her use of the word botched is something small and hardly noticeable or actually bad.

alliewillie 22

The fact that she used to look exactly like her daughter and now looks so different a stranger would comment on the lack of similarity does not equal "small and barely noticeable".

I don't see why you got plastic surgery since someone was clearly willing ( I hope ) to have sex with you

Well obviously because times are changing and the new impaction of the media is blah blah blah people are insecure and ******* stupid.

Archay.. That was dumb. I pretty sure people don't get plastic surgery based on if they get laid or not.

58, when you get plastic surgery usually you are trying to look better which leads to getting laid or a relationship which you have sex in so....

She got surgery then got laid... U a stupid ho

7- ur profile pic goes perfectly w/ ur comment lol

Will hopefully your daughter will be a little happier with her looks when she's older. Being a Barbie is fake and unnatural. If anything you've helped yourself become more unappealing.

Barbie is fake because of her unnatural body proportions... Not her face... Either way I hate that expression. People can do whatever they want to their bodies so we should respect the decision but not necessarily the outcome.

I respectfully disagree skoomaki. It's all about being comfortable with yourself. If she didn't like the way she looked, then she made the right choice for her. That's whats important!

I respectively respect your view tennisrapper. Although I was merely stating my view. I agree women should be able to change their appearance to what they deem fit. For some reason I dislike the "fake" look. But that is my opinion and I do not impose this on anyone else.

Hey, I don't like the looks of those women either. I like my women natural. But, there are those who feel they need to enhance themselves on the outside in their own perspective and that's okay.

If Barbie is do popular, how come you have to buy her friends? :D

Because when you pay for them, you're actually paying the bail money because they went to prison for murdering fashion :)

I looked up 'botched' because I thought it was going to be something like 'butchered'. It totally is. Anyway, maybe you can do another surgery that makes you look like your daughter again. Cause that's eventually the goal, right?

Yes, more plastic surgery is always the answer. Just look at Joan Rivers.

the_anti_hipster 7

*shudder* Joan Rivers' lips look like they got stuck in a pool drain. For 20 years.

b0ngs 7

But her personality and humor make up for it!!

perdix 29

#89, are you referring to the ones on her face? I'll bet your shuddering has dramatically worsened.

I should have put (sar) after that comment.

You deserved it. You should have known better let people and yourself think you look ugly as hell. That's Society and devil telling you that.

what a dumb reply. You're completely immune for the opinion of others about you? You just took millions of proven psychological facts in the ***. You basically get 'formed' by the others and the place you live

dominic1221 6

LOL. Sorry, the devil told me to laugh. :(

hey now, the Devil has the BEST ideas!! ^_^

Wow. What an idiot move I made. I sounded like a ******* moron when I wrote that earlier. ._.U

It's your body so you have the right to do what you want with it. At some point, plastic surgery was what you wanted so I guess YDI.