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Today, an unpaid intern had his first day at my workplace of seven years. As a joke, my boss gave him the same challenge she gave me on my first day. The intern completed it in 37 minutes. We've always been told it's impossible. Guess we all have to start working harder. FML
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The challenge was to create a protocol for measuring the thickness of double and triple glazed windows (none of which open) around the company's building. Nothing to do with our actual jobs, most of us just figured it was a trick to get the new guys caught staring out of windows. He won't tell me his method...

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The challenge was to create a protocol for measuring the thickness of double and triple glazed windows (none of which open) around the company's building. Nothing to do with our actual jobs, most of us just figured it was a trick to get the new guys caught staring out of windows. He won't tell me his method...

Wow.... That's incredibly easy... It's just basic trigonometry. Tape a piece of paper of a known length on one side of the window (think of the ends as A and B) and go back to the other side. Pick a point (we'll call it C) on the other side (make it over one of the ends of the paper to make the process easier) and then measure the angle ACB. Then just apply some basic trig and you've got the thickness.

how to u measure the angle if the window doesn't open

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Do it yourself method: Laser based Measuring device and a piece of paper or two. Most newer devices, can measure through clear and non-reflective glass, which are common in business buildings, even if it is triple glassed. Simply measure with the distance with the paper on one side of the window, measure again with it on the other side. Take account for loss of accuracy going through glass based on the user manual, and abit of math. You have the thickness of the glass for you. Or Cheeky Method: Look up the serial number of each window (will be printed somewhere) and call the supplier and ask them how thick it is. Double glazing is rarely something you see without some mention of what it is on it.

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just break the window... much easier

Maybe he knows someone who works in construction.

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#137 - you're missing too many variables to do that. You only have AB, not AC (or BC depending on what you named your triangle). Even if you tried to make a 90 degree angle your AB would have to match the thickness of the window which is unknown. There is no way to figure out the hypotenuse.

It's easy. Measure the thickness of a wall the window is in (possibly through a door frame). Then you will know the width of the wall side holding the glass. Cut a piece if paper that thickness, hold it up against the window along the wall. Measure and mark that twice on the piece if paper (for both sides of the wall on either side of the glass pain, and the leftover is the window thickness.

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124, haha:D, your comment made me giggle(: .

Maybe he just knows how to think outside the box? And I'm curious, what is the average time for completing the challenge?

presumably, at their workplace at least, until now, infinite/not completed (the wording on that sucks) wonder if the boss just says it's impossible to see how they deal with being told such

Ohh I get it, like impossible to do period, not just impossible to do in 37 minutes

The average time would be 37 minutes as far as I know as the new guy is the only person to have suggested a solution.

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he could have cheated.. but I don't really know.. that must suck though..fyl :/

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