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By wowgranny - 22/12/2016 20:08 - United States - Tooele

Today, my grandma told me that I'm starting to look like my sister. I jokingly replied, "Uh-oh I'm in trouble then." She gave me a very disapproving look and said, "You should be happy. She's beautiful, unlike you." FML
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Like you did start it by dissing your sister, but grandma there did the language equivalent of responding to a light flick by full throttle punching you in the face.

Hold your head high, you're beautiful the way you are.


Damn. That's rude. Hopefully you can easily move past this- as how you look to her should not affect your daily life

Hold your head high, you're beautiful the way you are.

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She could have just been saying that to you because of your remark.

Tell granny at least you're still better at baking cookies than her

Reminds me of my mother: "You aren't pretty, Welshite. You're...unique looking." Thanks, mom.

"Actually, because beauty is objective, I ran the Objective Beauty Calculation (OBC) and am ranked 0.298263 points higher than my sister. Boy, it's a good thing looks aren't subjective!"

Ah old folks. Say what they think and don't give a damn what others think. May we all be that gangster some day.

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Feels great but I didn't wait until I was old.

Well they say you take after your grandmother.

I would have said: "Yeah. I know. Must be because I get my looks from you."