By sozzy - 07/07/2012 07:26 - United States - Aliso Viejo

Today, I went to my regular pharmacist of three months, and since I've always seen him on a crutch, I asked him how his leg was. His response, "Still missing". FML
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He is behind a counter first of all, and second he could have had a prosthetic and been wearing pants.


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Wow. You probably should have checked what his leg issue was.

she probably didn't know, i thought it was sweet for her to be concerned! :D

Should've said: 'No, no, I mean the other one.'

Or started laughing like she made a joke and just make the sitution light.

34- That wouldn't be a very funny joke.

The only thing this FML is missing is a drum fill after the punchline.

I know. But sometimes you just have to laugh and walkway.

Ok, well I'm going to rob a grocery store, then laugh and walk away. That makes it okay because it's just a "joke".

Only if you rob the store with a watergun.

How do you not notice that his leg is missing?

syley 5

Prosthetic and some slacks can look pretty normal so long as you don't see the inside. And some people do all they can to hide it to avoid getting stared at or questioned too.

Probably because the pharmacist has always been on the other side of the counter, thus preventing OP from seeing anything below his waist.

#5 wins. The best possible answer was pants.

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I was once so taken by a man's gorgeous face that, as I walked past him, I tripped over his crutch. He was missing his left leg from just above the knee and thought that's what I was staring at. He told me how rude I was. I apologized and told him I was actually staring at what I was sure was the most handsome man I'd ever seen. I guess I blushed enough for him to believe me--we had coffee together. The point is people can be mistaken and, as long as you're sincere in your concerns, they can also forgive. Most people with amputations have developed at least a little bit of a sense of humor about it.

84: Turn this story into a multimillion dollar romance novel franchise. "But I can't write a novel!" you say--wrong. Just look at Stephanie Meyer: even erotic fanfics of her shitty books are getting movies. I'll meet you at the bank.

twisted_cherub 14

Would be a great story, and I can write better than a lot of published authors (especially that sparkly vampire crap). The only problem is it never went anywhere. We were both truckers. He drove a specially adapted truck and pulled flatbed (physically challenging for people with all their limbs intact). We were headed in opposite directions on deadlines. Freight doesn't stand still for romance. My fiance made me cry the first time we met. That would also make a good story.

Keep the trucker angle, but make up some fateful future encounters. At the end of the story he tells you he's " the road" then drives off into the sunset. The fiancé story will be in the sequel.

twisted_cherub 14

Actually, that's a great idea. Only I would've told him I was married to the road. At that point in my life I was. If I get published I'll dedicate the first book to you.

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where did that fml about a cat eating her bfs weed?

How then? Stare rudely? Google him? Hack his medical records? How do *you* normally check on the health and disabilities of the people with whom you are casually acquainted? OP tried to be polite and concerned with an unfortunate result. He/she wasn't to know. Probably next time he/she will stick to vague "how are you today" type enquiries and the world will be safer from accidental offensiveness. Yay, PC Earth.

Kick the crutch out from under him. Sure way to prove hes the one legged bandit...

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At least he can't kick your ass

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He has a crutch, that means a whole new world of beating.

Yeah, but he can still PUNCH his/her ass.

I'm a buff baby that can dance like a man! I can shake-a my fanny, I can shake-a my can! I'm a tough tootin' baby that will punch on your buns! Punch on your buns! Ima punch on your buns! If you're a evil I will punch you for fun! :D

60 kinda of triggered it with the 'punch your ass' comment.

Punch em in the dick Punch em in the dick Mother ******* talk shit I'ma punch em in the dick I'll give your willy a welt Like you ain't never felt Soon as I'm knelt I'ma pelt you below the belt Like BANG! Bust em in the wang Like it ain't no thang Mother ******* talk shit Straight punch em in the dick

That was just for squeaky chipmunk :)

He is behind a counter first of all, and second he could have had a prosthetic and been wearing pants.

Thirdly, it sounds like he has a sense of humour. It's always good to laugh at yourself.

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I think "regular pharmacist" equals "provider of certain pharmaceuticals not exactly legal in the united states."

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Pharmacists are usually behind the counter. If all he/she seen was a crutch the then it's understandable. It's not like he was blatantly standing right next to her so she could clearly see that his leg is missing. It's more common for someone to have a broken leg than a missing leg. Still op should have asked a little differently to avoid problems like this.

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How else could she have asked? I think she said it in the most polite way. Way better than asking "why do you have crutches?".

And no matter if OP asks politely, either way it's going to be a very awkward moment afterward. Like someone said before, people usually have their legs broken not missing.

I'm in a wheelchair and get asked from time to time "What's wrong with you?" to which my usual response is "Nothing. What's wrong with you?". I don't think OP's question was rude at all, and odds are, the pharmacist was joking back with her. He probably gets asked worst questions about his leg, I'm sure.

At least you can run faster scared than he can mad

Yeah op definitely has a leg up in a race like that

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Tasteless.. Funny! But tasteless.

Do you ask blind people how their eye sight is too? You must be a hit at hospitals.

It's not their fault ALL pharmacists are behind desks.

Wow, you're rude. You must be a hit at social gatherings.

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You're clearly a hit in the FML comment sections. Stop being an asshole. It's not like OP asked a rude question. The pharmacist is also behind a counter so I'm 99.9999999999% sure OP didn't know his leg was missing.

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In what world is this awesome? OP feeling terrible for asking, and a man who's missing a leg. How is any of that awesome?

As pay back, the pharmacist should ask how the meds are helping with your erectile dysfunction problem? :P

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That's too funny!!!!!! And perfect...

Only works if that is what his meds are could be for something serious.