By poro123 - 05/11/2012 05:39 - United Kingdom

Today, my grandmother said to me, "You look just like your mother did at your age. Except you're fatter of course." FML
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yusaku02 20

Ouch, brutally honest grandma strikes again.

Ahhh grandparents... Keeping it real and not giving a ****!


"Fix yourself" Boys, this is one of the reason we can't have nice things. So what if she is a little chubbier than her mom? No need to "fix her" Unless she is actually in the danger of her weight killing her. And weight is a delicate matter for some people, so yeah.

If she is happy the way she looks I don't think OP should "fix" herself.

As much as I agree with the others, it almost sounds like a command you would hear in JROTC, when you don't preform a command correctly.

tcdaboss 2

If it offends her obviously its an issue with her. Therefore fix it. Either be happy with yourself or fix yourself!

13- if she was happy with the way she looked, she never would've posted to FML. However, "fix yourself", is a terrible way to put it, implying that anyone over weight is broken.

tcdaboss 2

They are broken why do you think so many overweight people have health issues?

Tcd. It an depend on how overweight a person is, I know several overweight persons without health problems. There are usually "overweight" and morbidly obese. And for some people, a "extra" layer of fat can be beneficial

tcdaboss 2

Kee. I agree but like i said before if shes not happy fix it? If shes confident in herself and happy it shouldn't matter what anyone says. So either lose weight to be happy or accept herself. "Fix herself"

#36 please explain how an extra layer of fat is beneficial

41 - Because it protects the person's hidden abs. ;)

41 - Well, if you are in Alaska, and fall in the Sea, the extra layer of fat might keep you alive a couple minutes more than a skinny person. That is all for now. Thanks for reading!

Op could be 96 lbs. what do you know. Who knows how skinny her mom was? And at 180 I'm a hell of a lot healthier than my 108 lb sister.

SenselessPattern 12

So if you're skinny, stay the hell out of Alaska.

49, just because someone is skinny doesn't mean that they're unhealthy. Some people, myself included, cannot keep on weight for their life. It's just like people who can't seem to keep weight off.

yusaku02 20

Ouch, brutally honest grandma strikes again.

Suck it up buttercup...The truth sometimes hurts...

Inheritance 10

I say get her a bowl of hard candy and shut her up. Oh, no? Ok then.

Ahhh grandparents... Keeping it real and not giving a ****!

JoeGrant 12

Grandmas can be so harsh! My grandma wouldn't stop telling me I need to lose weight, when I was really in the healthy weight range. Maybe something is wrong with their glasses! But op, I'm sure both you and your mother are beautiful. There is nothing wrong with having a bit more of a figure!

Actually I'm pretty sure there is a health issue caused by having a little more "figure"

Depending on how old gran is, I kind of assumed that fatter might be a good thing. If OP's mother was skinny and OP is curvier. I suppose it doesn't apply if OPM wasn't a rail...

Not always, 25. Some people are just naturally a little bit bigger, and it would be unhealthy for them to diet and lose a lot of weight.

It's unhealthy for m husband to drop below 220 lb. and do me to go below 145. Some people just aren't built to e skinny. And a lot of bigger people are healthier than their thin counterparts.

I am not fat! I am just big boned damn it! :D lol

maemadness 2

My grandma is positive I have an eating disorder because I'm naturally skinny. I have to stuff myself when I visit her to prove that I eat- and even that's not enough!

Ouch grandma. Mine says shit like that too, I theorise that tact decreases as age increases!

No need to theorize, I think that is fact... Why give a **** when you know you're gonna die soon?

Well if her grandma is still alive, then I'm sure OP has got a long life ahead of her

For some reason, I really don't think she meant it in a mean way. She was just stating the truth as she saw it. If she called you like a fat slob or something mean then it'd be a different story...

In today's world what can you expect. Enjoy Grandma's humor as well as her straightfoward honesty because soon it won't be there.

everyone is built differently and just because you're not a stick doesn't mean you're not beautiful

It's not that she has to be a stick, it's that she can't be a ******* ball

What if your mom at your age was immensely underweight and you were of course, ideally fatter. :D

Ok a little harsh, but old people just speak their minds, she didn't mean much by it and probably didn't want to hurt your feelings. I could be wrong, you could have a nasty, spiteful hag of a grandma, but if it's not the case, relax, it's not so bad.