Law and order

By Anonymous - 01/01/2016 07:03 - United States - Reno

Today, at the age of 20, I still have a bed time. It is strictly enforced by my cat via endless meows if I am up past 11 pm. FML
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fair enough tbh someone's gotta lay down the law

Invest in some nice noise cancelling headphones.


I don't care if this is disliked or not... This is the stupidest thing i have ever read.

i ain't 20, but i know how you feel. good luck with your cat

Invest in some nice noise cancelling headphones.

But then u can't watch tv

Then the cat might invest in some claws

18, just connect the headphones to the TV

0to100rq 6

Or you could euthanize the bastard. Then you can watch tv and stay up, problem solved.

What is wrong with you?

or donate him to the local Chinese restaurant.

So 52 what did cats ever do to you?

fair enough tbh someone's gotta lay down the law

Or in this case lay down the paw... I'll see myself out

We all know who the man of the house is

That's pretty cute though

Look at the bright side, at least you're getting a (I presume) healthy amount of sleep every night if your cat is so punctual with her enforcement of the bed time haha.

you've cat to be kitty me right meow

deleteme 22

Wow, how original.

Ok can I just have a chance to use the pun just once without being ridiculed? I know it was an extremely bad pun but hey, why the hell not

Whoa! I've seen my fair share of bad puns, but damn! Was that bad!

thank you, i enjoy being punny

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you tried.

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It's impressive that your cat can tell when it's 11, mine is too dumb.

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it probably has to do with OP's schedule. my parents' dog does the same thing. based on everyone's schedule she knows when it's time for bed and she let's mom know.

if you habe a daily routine, animals know exactly when it is time dor something

Your cat sounds a lot like my mother. FYL, OP.

Your mother meows at you after 11pm?!

leogachi 15

@14 Your mother doesn't?

@24 My mother barks.