By tammy - 15/08/2010 17:24 - France

Today, a wasp stung my nipple. Twice. The swelling makes it look like I'm growing a third breast. FML
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Keep a shirt on next time you go outside.

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pretend your an alien by squirting people with waterguns then pretending it was your 'third nipple' :D

lmao that sucks...benadryl and ice is ur only option to make an attempt to go back to 2 breasts

ughh and because it's a bee sting it's probably all wrinkly and..ughhhhh

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7-There is seriously something wrong with you.

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Woah woah're meaning to tell me that having three isn't normal? I call shenanigans on that.

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More breasts equals more fun! 3 breasts (ftw)!

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yeah, why the **** were your nipples exposed anyways??

believe it or not, there actually is a girl who has 3 breasts who did **** and you can still find it all over the Internet. but anyway, fyl OP. wear bug spray and if you plan on lounging outside, even in your own back yard, at least have the decency to wear a bikini top or something.

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nipples are for guys... **** are for girls

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I love boobies too! Sometimes I feel like I'm so "GAY" I can't think "STRAIGHT".

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just imagine being stung by a mosquito like being injected by a dirty needle..


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only when the dog in you comes out!

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Freeze, you've become so awesome that they predict your number now! OP, that is awesome. Embrace your 3rd boob!

For one, the OP said it was a wasp, not a bee. Also, what type of bee stings do you get that make your skin wrinkle 14, because I'm pretty sure when you swell up that can be considered just about the opposite to wrinkling. That's what happens when you get stung btw. You swell, you don't wrinkle.

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I killed 87. It's a good thing too, because nobody wants a man with 2 dicks running around.

Today, a wasp stung my dick. Now I have two dicks. FML

When I got stung, I DID have a tshirt & bra on. I stupidly freaked & swatted the wasp when it landed on my boob. I only got stung once, but enough!!! :'(

thats no 3rd nipple... thats breast cancer biitch! the bee just put its cancer seamen in your breasts I bet that female bee liked your white nectar

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you must have some small ass boobs if a wasp sting looks like number 3

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89, that was painful. Please, don't torture us anymore. No more typing.

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Ydi for getting stung. Don't be such a baby and kill it before it stings you. Seriously, how do you get stung? I've thrown rocks at their nests and hit em with a weedeater and I've never been stung.

Brittney_E 0 i get it 58. what's wrong with 3 boobs? some people would pay to get that kind of boob job...maybe.

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YDI for havin small boobs :)

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YDI for being woman, and on the brightside you can look forward to being able to breastfeed 3 children at once now!!

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Only one solution here.......... nipple helmets.

It's not obvious? She was ******* a midget.

OMG 60 you MUST give me the link to that video...I'm getting hard just thinking about it

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67 fails in soo many ways...

pics or this isnt real. Trust me, i used to play doctor when i was 4.

number 62 umm.... nipples are for both. I have nipples, and females nipples are often in or around my mouth... so , yeah ! OP, that really sucks. wasps are assholes

ok if u were stung on the nipple it would just look like one boob was bigger! not 3!

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You shouldve put a penny on it as soon as they stung you. Or some type of copper. It reduces swelling by a LOT. You could still try that and I guess ice too. Good luck!

I agree with you must be small boobs to bee stung and be the size of a boob

It isn't funny, it is great! This is an amazing discovery. Now there is one to suck and two to fondle. It is perfect!

how'd a wasp sting your nipple in the first place??

what were you doing nude outside tammy?

wasps can only sting one time and they die a few minutes after. unless there was more that one wasp, I call fake.

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maybe thats the way wasps get off... they had to have a good idea of a target if they like hit it on the same general place twice why did you let them sting there though... it has to take a while to land and sting That would be a *different* kind of ****....

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How the hell did you manage that?

Happened to me once. HURTS!!!! Sorry, op..fyl!!

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