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believe it or not, there actually is a girl who has 3 breasts who did porn and you can still find it all over the Internet. but anyway, fyl OP. wear bug spray and if you plan on lounging outside, even in your own back yard, at least have the decency to wear a bikini top or something.

  porter12  |  0

For one, the OP said it was a wasp, not a bee. Also, what type of bee stings do you get that make your skin wrinkle 14, because I'm pretty sure when you swell up that can be considered just about the opposite to wrinkling. That's what happens when you get stung btw. You swell, you don't wrinkle.

  jizwiz  |  3

thats no 3rd nipple... thats breast cancer biitch! the bee just put its cancer seamen in your breasts

I bet that female bee liked your white nectar

  SeanFredrick  |  3

Ydi for getting stung. Don't be such a baby and kill it before it stings you. Seriously, how do you get stung? I've thrown rocks at their nests and hit em with a weedeater and I've never been stung.

  GooberNater  |  0

number 62
umm.... nipples are for both. I have nipples, and females nipples are often in or around my mouth... so , yeah

! OP, that really sucks.

wasps are assholes

  OopsieDaisies  |  0

You shouldve put a penny on it as soon as they stung you. Or some type of copper. It reduces swelling by a LOT. You could still try that and I guess ice too. Good luck!

  HazelBunny  |  0

maybe thats the way wasps get off...
they had to have a good idea of a target if they like hit it on the same general place twice
why did you let them sting there though... it has to take a while to land and sting

That would be a *different* kind of porn....