By shinee - 15/08/2010 16:05 - Singapore

Today, to be nice, I baked cookies for my step-mom as a birthday present. I burnt my hand while putting them in the oven, but I'd hoped it would be worth it. When she got home, I gave one for her to try. She took a bite, spit it out, and threw it on the floor, asking if it was a joke or if I was really trying to poison her. FML
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Yarrachel 16

Wow, what a bitch, you should actually poison her next time.


Yarrachel 16

Wow, what a bitch, you should actually poison her next time.

The_grumpy_bear 0

Op, only cook for someone when you actually know how to. YDI And learn to test food before giving it out.

maybe they didnt taste good, or shes evil...shes prob cheatin on ur dad anyway

Cupcakeshizz 0

make a house out of candy then lure evil cookie hating step mothers in and...well i dunno past that...

Schizomaniac 24

Hey hey hey whoa whoa whoa..What's with the animosity, Ignorance?

ellielovesyuh 0

You can pull a Black Christmas and turn her in to cookies :P sick movie

WhyTheFace4 0

if you're going to poison her do it with a poisoned apple...pie.

Schizomaniac 24

That's not a nice thing to say 44.

#44 is not up here. To reply to a comment, you click reply ON the comment, not on some random one and hope it works out. It's a complicated process.

Schizomaniac 24

I'm working on it, man. I see I have entered this cruel world of FML. FML: Where your every flaw will be brutally exploited.

damn you got a bitch step mom like Cinderella.

Schizomaniac 24

I know :( Chances are, this comment will end up in some random spot and Freeze will be all over it.

where be my cookies op? next time go to walmart buy cookies heat em up in the microwave and tell her they were handmade. But as stupid as you are, you'd prolly screw that up too. Also, freeze, don't criticize people for where their comments show up, cuz it's probably not their fault.

Schizomaniac 24

You're right. And seemingly so, I did :D. I had to use the computer though, because when I press the button on my iPhone it throws the comment in any random spot and people call me stupid D:

Brittney_E 0

i love your choice of words. it makes me speechless.

She sounds like a really nice step mom. =P Time to get some cookbooks and become the next Betty Crocker.

spaceboyftw 0

ydi for trying to poison that poor woman on her bday. next time do it the day after. fyl

you used salt instead of sugar didn't you

you should put visine in her drink it'll make her instantly shit her pants no joke XD that's what my cousin did to her stepmom at a barbeque

starberries 0

122, Visine is actually toxic and you can kill people that way. Your cousin is lucky her stepmom didn't have a worse reaction.

she sounds like a bitch. don't try to be nice to her anymore, she's not worth your time.

I bet u the cookies were fine and she's just a huge bitch

Maybe when you burned your hand, you left some skin behind in the cookie batter.

Just remember times like these when its time to find her a nursing home. Payback's a bitch.

I would get one and force her to eat it.

FMLephant 2

Curb stomp the ungrateful bitch

Ugh. I know your pain. My stepmother is the same way. FYL op.

Maybe you should learn to cook better.

ladyganja92 0

should have just bought her a cake.

hcovballer247 0

Oh wow, that really sucks.... So it is true step mothers are wicked.