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Today, a shopper approached me at Target and said, "So are you just gonna stand there to look pretty and do nothing around here?" I ignored his comment, until he got so upset that he wanted to speak to my manager. It would have been understandable if I actually worked there. FML
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That's more of a HDI, I would've been laughing my ass off at him if I were you, OP, don't take it too seriously.

Next time make sure you aren't wearing red and khaki when you shop at target.


That's more of a HDI, I would've been laughing my ass off at him if I were you, OP, don't take it too seriously.

I didn't manage to find any, but that wasn't the target anyway. I just wanted to show OP a Lidl sympathy.

Hairy Dingbat Intercourse and Oscillating Penis.

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She should've told him, "MAN, DON'T TARGET ME!"

Do you live on fml, dude? You comment on everything.

No he lives IN FML. Who lives ON stuff?! Some people...

38--op means original poster. I have no idea what hdi means.

49 -My mum always told me that if I spent to much time on the computer, I'd get sucked into the screen... HELP... IS ANYONE ELSE IN THIS CYBERSPACE? GET ME OUT OF HERE! FML is a cold and ruthless site. One does not simply walk into FML. Its black gates are guarded by more than just Trolls. There is idiocy there that does not sleep. The great Mods are ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with spam, rage, and sarcasm. The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten-thousand men could you do this. It is folly.

I don't live in or on FML. I am FML. Bow down. Just kidding it's really easy to comment, and have free time while everyone else is at church.

38: OP: original poster HDI: he deserves it

52 - my new hero, and im hoping you recited that all from memory:p

Pleo - I'll save you. Actually, if I save you, that means no more puns. On seconds thoughts...stay right there.

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I agree with 1. He's the one looking stupid in front of a pretty girl, your just presumably wearing red at target. If not it was a horrible pick up attempt.

77- he obviously didn't recite it, he made it up.

HDI stands for he deserved it, not sure what op is. I always see it in the fml comments though. Cheers

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38- original poster and he deserves it! Duh

OP = original poster, and HDI = he deserves it

That's awkward. And at least he thinks you're pretty. This isn't really an FML... he sorted of complimented you in a weird and angry way. He was probably just confused. You should've been like, "Dude, I don't work here."

Well at least you know you're pretty :)

Not sure why this bugs you. He's the idiot.

If you wear a red shirt at Target your gunna have a bad time

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I gotta agree, I'm not quite sure why this was voted up on the site to count as an fml

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Yeah seriously, I could have had some fun with this.

Because 5, FML isn't restricted to your life being "******" by your choices and mistakes only, but by the idiots around you too.

Next time make sure you aren't wearing red and khaki when you shop at target.

But... But it's the latest fashion! Like o my god I'll just die without them!!

That's the only way I will shop there. It's fun to screw with customers. ;)

I would have sent the guy to the wrong side of the store, just to spite him.

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If you wear a red shirt to target Your gonna have a bad time

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Haha... My friends and I dressed up as One Direction (yes, I know people don't like them yada yada yada) for halloween and she was dressed in a red polo, kakis and a bulls hat (she has blonde hair and was Niall) and after our schools hallowen parade her dad took her to target and a worker called her jolie and asked her where they kept the baby powder :3

I think that's more embarrassing for him than it is for you. You should have waited until the manager came out and then watched what happened. Besides, he said you were standing there and looking pretty - quite the compliment from an angry stranger. ;)

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Ignore him so hard until he starts to doubt his own existence.

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Dinkleburg! Don't you wear a uniform of some sort, to actually point out you work there? So with this knowledge can either tell; that the shopper is retarded, or OP looked as if he had a target uniform.

If I had a dollar for every time someone replied "dinkleburg" on salty's comments

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67 that's always me that comments it. ^^

Inheritance 10

Dinkleburg are the neighbors that's Timmy's dad hates in Fairy Odd Parents.

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Let the manager come. Then you can complain that the other guy is harassing you as if you were an employee ;)

I would have just laughed in his face. It would also be funny if he brought a manager with him just to hear "Who's that? or That person doesn't work here."