By WritingWrongs - 25/11/2012 13:28 - United States
Today, my step-mom threw out some of the "boxes of junk" in my room, because apparently, I'm a pack rat. I guess she and everyone else in my family won't be receiving those Christmas presents. FML
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But the dead bird I got this year was extra special!
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  Pleonasm  |  34

Yea queenofirony, what the hell is your mom doing here exactly, throwing out OP's stuff?
Oh, wait.
9 -If you're going to thread jack, then- don't. Or at least address it to OP. But you're number 9 anyway!

  StalkerChick  |  13

When did everyone become so anal about thread jackers? It wasn't much of an issue two years ago. I guess it's just one of those phases FMLers going through?

1- OP's step-mom is probably like my mom. She has the "I pay the bills, therefore I can go into any room when I want" mindset. Sucks, but that's what happens when you live with your parents.

  Pleonasm  |  34

Same person, two consecutive FMLs, is one of the top ten to comment both times but specifically replies to #1 just to get seen, even though she is saying the same thing and is adding nothing.
When did threadjackers get so bad/blatant, is my real question. This is one of the first times I've addressed one, that's how bad this one was.

  queenofirony  |  12

21 - It certainly happens, but it's unacceptable. For starters, this is OP's stepmom, which, with all due respect, earns her even LESS of a right to invade OP's privacy. Second, if OP is old enough to be buying Christmas presents, he/she is old enough to be entitled to some sense of security and privacy is his/her own room.

  kyleekay  |  25

1- I agree. Though my parents never threw my stuff away, there were several incidents where they went into my room and read my journals. It's a huge breach of trust, in my opinion.

  StalkerChick  |  13

25- I completely agree. But there are some parents(mine included) who have the mindset that their children don't need/get privacy until they move out. My mom would sometimes just open the door without knocking even when I was home on break from college.

  Zoh_Aubrey  |  8

Pleo--you should totally make an FML about thread jacking. Maybe then--just then--someone would give a fuck. Because it seems you complaining about thread jacking (which I'm not going to lie, I'm not on here often--didn't know it was a big "oh-noes" on here) is doing exactly what you're complain about. Bitching about thread jacking is essentially thread jacking.

I'll continue to do it, till I feel otherwise.

  BlueFlatts  |  20

I'm surprised she didn't check what was on the boxes before throwing them out, that's what nosy step-mothers do. And if she did you'd think she would recognize a box of unopened items as unwrapped presents.
Money wasted. It's obviously not your fault but try labeling the box next time. If she doesn't like you for her child maybe she threw them out on purpose, just another thought.

By  Jonah171  |  12

I don't understand parents who do this. I don't give a fuck if it's their house, barging into their kid's room and throwing their shit away is not a nice thing to do.

  Krajjan  |  9

... Or take her to small claims. I'll be your representation in a couple years when I graduate? Thought that counts, maybe? God, I'm bad at advice.

By  Missy2612  |  11

She shouldn't be snooping around in your room in the first place. Well, I guess if she feels the need to get rid of your "junk", you'd better return the favor.