By muffinmen1022 - / Friday 20 February 2009 05:27 / United States
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Since the only risk is losing a job you don't have, tell them you work too damn hard & you either want a raise or YOU QUIT!


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granted this is a decent FML, id say it could be more appropriately called the opportunity of a lifetime haha i wouldve went off on the manager. kind of like that dane cook bit about already losing your reference so you might as well go out in style hahahaa

#13 - The great thing about America? You cheap mf'ers can and will sue anybody for anything. Good for you.

Yeah F*CK!!!! I HATE #13 SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!! HOW THE F*CK CAN YOU ARGUE LIKE THAT!!! "yeah, he confused me with an employee, so i just sue the living mother f*cking sh*t out of this place! Yeah, i rock". YOU ARE A MORON!!!!!!

#10 hilarious i love dane!!!! #12- so true say everything you want to say to your real boss.... 'your the most conceded lazy good for nothing sack of dog turd i've ever met. go fuck yourself before i smash your face into your microscope' [erm wait that's my boss lol]

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