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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

As crappy as that was op, just remember that that person is probably going through a really hard time and having a bad day. Maybe they just lost someone close to them. It doesn't excuse their behaviour, but it helps me realize that people often say things and react in ways they usually wouldn't just because of what's going on in their lives.

  smokecloud_  |  37

Having a bad day or going through something in your life does not justify being rude to someone simply doing their job. I've had days where I was near tears or seethingly angry but if I had to interact with someone in customer service I switch those emotions off, smile, and be polite.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

#42- If you had actually read the second half of #41's comment, you'll see that she says something like "it still doesn't excuse the customer's behavior" and she's right about the rest. I personally try to make myself realize that a lot of people are extremely rude only because they are going through a hard time, they don't feel good about themselves, etc, etc and they don't know how to process that negativity correctly. She's simply implying that she allows herself to let it go because she tries to be understanding and, based on my personal experience, it usually helps make you a happier person because you don't let things like that bother you. If things go too far, yeah, don't let it go because some people really are just assholes. But most of the time, it's best to just try to be kind and understanding.