By sirenmario
Today, a patient at the hospital I work at had a tracheal tube and couldn't speak. I'm unable to read lips, but I'm pretty sure he was mouthing the words 'stupid bitch' every time I tried to stop him from pulling out his IV. FML
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the patient has a tracheal tube, so he's most likely at the intensive care unit. the patients there are most of the time so confused and sedated by the drugs, that they don't understand the situation they're in and act funny/strange or tell weird things, in this case, trying to get the tube out.

also, most patients that have been on the ICU don't remember a lot from the time they spent there (because of the high doses of drugs for example), so he probably won't even realize he called you a bitch.

get over it and know your job.

  IHeartJimi02  |  0

Even when you are doing your job, some patients are very quick. All you have to do is turn your head for a second and they can yank on it. There are other units in hospitals that have people with trach tubes, not just Intensive Care