By oaksac191 - 26/10/2010 16:50 - United States

Today, while working at a hospital, I told a patient to smile for the camera when taking an xray. His response was, "I have Bell's Palsy and haven't smiled in 5 years." FML
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"Then say cheese with a sad face!"

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What is Google?


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you should have taken a lipstick and drawn a joker smile on his face

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nah, op it's cool you were just being nice. and 4, don't diss the joker.

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my mom has thatbut she can some what smile

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Wtf us wrong with you people?

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you are what's wrong with them hahaha

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ouch :( not like you knew though.

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Aw, how incredibly sad. :(

Smiling is overrated. I'd rather be unable to smile.

"Then say cheese with a sad face!"

wow!:(that's sad! was he mad?

Your profile pic reminds me of Zoey from L4D.

bell's palsy? never heard of it..

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yeah.. what is a bells pasly?

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What is Google?

if I'm not mistaken, bell's palsy is a certain type of face paralysis that link above is super informative.

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isn't bells palsy usually curable? unless it's left untreated. and @skiier682, it's a temporary condition where one side of the face goes paralyzed, and can occur with things like untreated coldsores.

It can be cause by lymes disease to, and I think it's temporary.

Unfortunately, in doctorese, "temporary" doesn't mean "short-lived", and "curable" doesn't mean "minor".

I've had it my whole life there is no cure. It is a herpes simplex 1 virus, just like shingles or cold sores. I get flares where I can't move the left side of my face and they can last anywhere from a week to several months. I have to massage the muscles of my face so I do not develop permanent muscle tone loss.

It depends what kind it is. My brother had it and it went away in a few weeks with medication, but some people have the permanent kind.

your inconciderate

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You look like a ten year old.

So are you for misspelling inconsiderate and for using "your" instead of "you're."

"your" retarded

OP's inconsiderate what? Finish your sentence!

38@ no, she wad right.

shudda known that if you saw his file.

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in the xray department, they generally don't have the whole file, only the information pertinent to the xray.

Not only that but OP may just be the person who transports the patients from their rooms to the various testing departments. He/she may not even see the chart but just gets told who to take where.