By unaware - 19/09/2012 04:14 - United States - Columbus

Today, I spent ten minutes looking for my cell phone in the dark, only to realize the light I was using was my cell phone's. FML
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thatpeachyperson 12

It's a blonde moment, we've all had one.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I've been looking for mine all over...only to realize I was talking on it. :p


thatpeachyperson 12

It's a blonde moment, we've all had one.

On the bright side OP found his/her phone though ;)

SystemofaBlink41 27

13- pun intended?

beccaishereyay 11

I haven't heard anyone call a stupid moment a "blonde moment" in a while. It almost offended me... And I'm a brunette...

failgamer 7

21 - FML isn't for you then

Haha I was gonna say I'm pretty sure I've done that a couple times.. Happens to the best OP

thatpeachyperson 12

Welcome to the Internet, Becca.

Glad to see that I'm not the only one. ^_^

#1 I would agree with you, but this guy spent TEN minutes looking for something that was in his hand. I think 10 minutes is longer than a moment.

thatpeachyperson 12

Fair point, maybe OP is just plain stupid.

1- I prefer the term "Karen Moment". It's less offensive to blondes, and makes all the Mean Girls fans go crazy.

thatpeachyperson 12

Or perhaps a Phoebe moment, in reference to Friends.

dakota1983 1

Lol ... Unfortunately , this is what the world has come to!!!

One person's accident can't be used to make generalizations about 7 billion people #2 :I

What the hell does it have to do with the whole world???

Shut up. Right now. You're an idiot!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I've been looking for mine all over...only to realize I was talking on it. :p

sandybaybe 3

Same thing happened to my dad. Twice.. :)

CheeseTron 15

SBS- Small Brain Syndrome

46- more like FTS: Failed troll syndrome. Don't act like you don't have dumb moments. Even Einstein once ran out of his house without his shoes on.

I do that all the time it's not just you.

CheeseTron 15

I see you bare the white hand of saruman...

I don't get why everyone is clicking YDI, since everyone does this once in a while.

56- just because everyone does it doesn't mean it's not a YDI moment, and I'm assuming not everyone has done this because I haven't.

51- your comment made me laugh :-)

I'm sure you were getting really annoyed.... And then felt stupid ^^

Stupidity just slapped you in the face!

I wouldn't go as far as calling him stupid.. People do have mind blanks, embrace it!

He's not stupid, I've done the exact same thing

I'm not saying his stupid...I'm saying he got slapped in the face by stupidity...

yenidewi 11

hahhahaha ....

Double post of a pointless comment. How died that even happen??? I'm always told anti flood protection. Edit: never mind it's the site. Weird. But kind of cool.

perdix 29

That's why you need to get an iPhone. You can ask Siri where your iPhone is and she'll say, "It's in your fucking hands, you moron!" Or you could use the Find My iPhone app which will tell you your phone is right behind you, holding a big knife and suddenly plays the theme from "Psycho." Options!!

That was an opportune moment for Slender man to strike.

I'm glad you finally saw the light and found your phone. Next time hopefully you won't get the bright idea to search for your phone while you are holding it.