By Anonymous - 20/12/2013 22:00 - United Kingdom - Romford

Today, a man wearing a Santa hat stumbled out of a bar, staggered over to my car, and vomited through the open window into my lap. FML
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Sounds like someone had a few too many Christmas spirits...

In the first sentence, I kind of forgot I was on FML and thought it was a beginning of a joke... I should get some more sleep... •_•'

incoherentrmblr 21

I guess you were on the naughty list...

Let me guess... This happened a few nights ago in NYC. YDI for braving the streets of New York during "Santa Con." Actually, you don't deserve it, but that sentence sounded more definitive that way.

Do British people never travel to New York City? Perhaps the most internationally known American city?

Is it New York? I only know it as Gotham...

Or is it Metropolis? Central City? Atlantis?

Well he had an early Christmas celebration this year

Think of it as an early christmas gift.

Only if that's what he asked for when he sat on Santa's lap.

I was quite surprised to see that he was in the UK. I thought that with an open window at this time of the year it would more likely be Australia.

That is just unbelievably gross. I'd have to send the car to the scrap heap and burn my clothes, they would never feel clean again. And neither would I.

If that's how you feel, I would strongly suggest you never have children. You will get covered in more filth than you could possibly imagine.

I will never have kids, just being in the same room with one makes me nervous.

ColbyGB 13

Christmas spirits are high! And some spirits are on sale this time of year ;)