One Word: Diabeetus

By jmove - 07/08/2019 06:00 - United States

Today, I carhopped some food, enough to feed 6 people, out to this beat-up car. Inside were two huge ladies, who probably hadn't showered for a few days, sweating away from the hot weather. As I skated to the door, she said, "Hang on a moment," as she gave herself an insulin shot. FML
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Lucky O'Guin 18

How do you know they were eating all of it? Nice of you to add "beat up car", implying that only poor people are fat and have diabetes. You sound like a judgmental grade-A jerk for downing people (at your fast-food job, no less.)

pins91 27

Wow. You’re a dick. Don’t assume.


bl3ur0z3 17

If that's what causes your life to suck, I want your life.

So you are assuming, by there size and the sweating , which is normal in hot weather, I'd say, they haven't showered in days? I have days in which I can smell like I haven't showered in days within an hour, and in which I can smell like freshly-showered for days without doing so (though the latter is never voluntary, the not showering thing). The insulin is indeed for diabetes, though it is more likely she is type 1, which has nothing to do with eating habits or weight, but can be cause of the latter. If I order something and I do not know how much time it will take exactly to get it, I will wait with my injection just as she did. Though in this case, I would have tried to accept the order and set it aside, or have the person accompanying me handle it while I take my shot, but if you'd come to my side of the car, the situation could be that you'd have to hold it until I'm done, especially if I've already got the kit out and no room to maneuver. Quite judgemental, not having all the facts, thinking diabetes is entirely someone's own fault, even though type 1 is definitely not, YDI and I feel bad for the customers.

wow you're quite pretentious

Nah the OP seems like the pretentious one, being as it looks like they wrote this FML just to shame some fat women.

While I agree that you can’t base this judgement on smell alone, greasy hair is another good indicator of recent bathing. That typically takes days to show. The only time I ever had greasy hair within an hour or two of showering was when I was so tired, I forgot to wash my hair.

pins91 27

Wow. You’re a dick. Don’t assume.

If there is enough food for six people and two obese women are the ones eating it, then frankly they don't care much about their weight if only to use it as an excuse... Eat right and the weight comes off. They obviously aren't eating right so I have no sympathy for their issue.

sleepymom 3

there are several medical conditions that cause weight gain, and many in which it is extremely difficult to loose weight no matter how well you watch what you eat, or how much you exercise. way to judge what you do not know.

AmbrosiaFan - Overeating is an addiction and addiction is a disease. Some people can beat addiction but many others, for myriad reasons, cannot and will likely die early and horrible slow deaths because of it. Do you honestly believe anyone WANTS to be obese? You and the OP should try a little empathy - every human has struggles, you're just lucky you don't have to literally wear yours like a 600 pound cage every waking moment while also being judged, abused and ridiculed by people like yourself. Grow up.

@meisiemeisie " Do you honestly believe anyone WANTS to be obese?" I agree with most of what you said but the answer to this question is Yes, and not even just yes, HELL YES. There was in fact a documentary that came out, I forget if it was last year or the year before but in the past couple years for sure, about a woman whose goal in life was to reach 300 some odd pounds to the point of being bedridden, and who in the course of doing this filmed videos of herself eating or being fed by her partner. All while she had a young daughter. There have also been multiple documentaries about people who aim for obesity because they think fatter looks better, people who have done it because their partner prefers larger people, and people who do it so that they can be declared disabled and not have to work. It's not healthy, it's not wise, but it is very much something people intentionally inflict upon themselves.

Lucky O'Guin 18

How do you know they were eating all of it? Nice of you to add "beat up car", implying that only poor people are fat and have diabetes. You sound like a judgmental grade-A jerk for downing people (at your fast-food job, no less.)

you tool us on a journey there


Yeah, you're kinda an Asshole there. How much experience do you have with insulin? I have gained a significant amount of weight since starting on insulin last year and I don't eat any differently than before. I'll also gladly tell you that before I was diagnosed with type 2 my eating habits were in-line with the typical American diet. My family has a history of type 2 on both my mom and dad's side. Nevermind all of the 400lb plus people out there who consume 7,000 or more calories a day and aren't diabetic. How about you go get a job where you can work secluded from the public.

Umm, do correct me if I'm wrong but it is my understanding that Type 2 diabetes is typically triggered by diet and lack of exercise. While genetics can play a part the fact that your habits were "in line with the typical American diet" would definitely be a contributing factor in the problem and if as you say, you don't eat any differently than before, I'm not sure that means you can blame the insulin for any weight gain that may have occurred. I do agree the OP is a bit of judgemental asshole but I don't think it comes from a lack of understanding as to how insulin works. I think that's just them overall being an awful person.

honest question, are you a writer?

So someone took their medicine and ate food, but you personally think they're too fat to do that so you're going to insult them? Yeah, **** THEIR lives, you sound like an asshole.