By dee - 10/12/2011 10:14 - United States

Today, I wound up cleaning vomit out of the window track of my car at midnight, in the nicest dress I own, after my husband got completely wasted at his office Christmas party. FML
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rexgar2000 10

sounds like he had a great time. could've worse at least he didn't throw up on your dress.

Draxanoth 15

Merry Chri-(insert barfing noise here)


rcloca 10

Hopefully that little black dress still looks nice .;)

if you we're there with your husband, you should have taken away some of the alcohol from him. getting drunk in front of your boss and employee's is definitely not a nice thing!

This is a really boring FML ... It happens all the time

Why couldn't you take the dress off if you were at home...?

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#38 - She didn't say she was at home. Learn to read.

She never said it was black...

rcloca 10


She never said she was a she... Wait.. Wut?

n_epic_fail 14

He's probably a Martian, the can't hold their liquor very well.

Well since your husband had fun and you cleaned up after him it's only fair that he gives you oral in return.

rexgar2000 10

sounds like he had a great time. could've worse at least he didn't throw up on your dress.

OP sounds exactly like my mom since my dad always gets wasted at parties and ends up vomitting out of the window, the noise he makes is so digusting.

Yeah...that would've truly FYL... Plus, you can hold this over his head... :p...

I would feel bad for him, he'll probably get the worst hangover in his life :p

If I was in that position? I'd put on really loud Christmas music. Presumably the husband made an ass of himself a million times over.

It's hard to feel sorry for someone who brings situations like these on themselves. My boyfriend likes to let loose on the weekends then always bitches and complains about feeling like crap the next day. I give him advil a glass of water and tell him to stfu cause it's his own fault. :)

Draxanoth 15

Merry Chri-(insert barfing noise here)

Something similar happened to me, it was quite rancid. Haha have fun cleaning it.

brock329 3


danomite11 0

Yep. Mee too

Say good morning, really loudly...

Yeah, that'll show him! ...

daydreamer244 13

What kind of drinks did they serve!?

Rum and coke, at a ratio of 46:1.

ikickgingers 15

My office Christmas / Holiday party is open bar... 7 and 7's all night mmmm

geez, how drunk was he?

Ferretface 13

Enough to vomit.