By evil Santa - 25/12/2014 03:48 - United States - Solon

Today, I was mugged by a guy in a Santa suit. FML
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That sounds ho-ho-horrible!

Santa needs funds for next year's toys.


That sounds ho-ho-horrible!

OP was probably on the naughty list.

krazayman 18

that maybe what santa does to make money to give back to other people

At least he had the Christmas spirit!

*slurred* I'm drunk! You dunt havven an excuse...

Santa needs funds for next year's toys.

Santa has to get money somehow

Economy so bad, has to find another way to get toys.

So that's why Santa stole my presents instead of leaving some. He was probably stealing them to give to the less fortunate. What a nice guy. He was even wearing an all black suit. Bold fashion statement.

Good Guy Santa,

His special way of saying Merry Christmas :)

u must hav enjoyed!

Times are tough even for Santa I guess

Clearly you weren't a good enough boy this year

Did he get beaten with a stocking full of coal? :D

CallMeWindSock 24

Joy to the world

Should have hit him in his Santa sack.

As long as He checked his list twice I'm ok with this.