By em from Cali - 28/07/2012 08:07 - United States - Visalia

Today, a homeless lady decided she needed to change underwear in the middle of the sidewalk. I turned around just in time to see her legs in the air with no undies on. I can never eat salami again. FML
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I'm confused here...did it look like salami or smell like it? Or both?

Just because you can't eat salami anymore didn't mean you had to ruin it for everyone else...


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Wow 13- your picture matches your comment perfectly. I even read your comment in his voice.

FMLandurstoo 9

Mmmhmmm yeah it does sonny boy. Wanna Popsicle?

Those words....... this image........ suicide is the only way out......

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Salami is his word for homeless pussy

Why did you leave two vapid comments that said almost exactly the same thing?

27- he obviously likes being thumbed down twice as much! It makes him feel important that everyone's giving him twice the attention.

I'm confused here...did it look like salami or smell like it? Or both?

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I'm confused too. What does salami have to do with anything? Strange.

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That's what I'm wondering. I'm not entirely getting the reference. Then again besides my own, the only other vaginas I've seen were in books.

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Unless it was her 'time of the month'.

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Then it would have been a bloody steak:)

Seems pretty obvious nobody here has seen meat curtains. Yeah buddy, google *that*...

I got the idea that when he saw her, he was eating salami.

Didn't get it either! Was she pleasuring herself with a salami earlier and left it there?

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I'm assuming you can't eat roast beef anymore either

I think he's saying she had a penis...

No no no you all have it wrong, she then took the salami op was enjoying and used it to re-clothe herself

It's obvious that she is a transvestite

Might be reffering to her clit.(which could explain the penis theory)

Homeless or not, salami or not, who changes their underwear while laying down????

I think the beaver is dead because it's tongue was hanging out.

Um.. I'm a girl and last I checked it didn't look like salami down there.. Taco is def more accurate lol

Just because you can't eat salami anymore didn't mean you had to ruin it for everyone else...

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At least we still have bacon :)

Until someone posts on FML that a woman's pussy looks like bacon lol. Even the biggest bacon lovers would not be able to enjoy bacon anymore.

Unless she had male genitalia, this makes no sense.

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Maybe he's referring to sliced salami.

Roast beef would be a better choice of words

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It's the new Genitalia salami.

Neither does "blue waffle" until you google it and look at the images.

No one would google it and THEN go look at pictures, unless they went straight to images to find out what it was.

#76 that's just being mean! You know what he meant and there's no need to pick apart his comment like that.

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78 - *shakes hand* welcome to FML

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"blue waffle" is the result of sexual abuse, rape etc. it's bruising, and not something to be taken lightly. Definitely not something to joke about.

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LOL. The blue waffle thing is fake. You don't even need to be a medical professional to figure that out, but according to them too there's no such thing. Jeez, stop believing these hoaxes.

Actually, all you ignorant morons, "blue waffles" do happen. They are NOT the result of sexual abuse or rape, they are just a vaginal infection that can be caused by suffocation of the genitalia which can be caused by wearing underwear that is too tight. Learn something before you try to look smart on the Internet.

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112 Do your own research. No such thing.

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Why salami? Couldn't it technically look like any package of sliced pinkish meat? I thought vaginas were supposed to look like flowers! How big would it have to be in order to look like meat?

Inheritance 10

The salami could be folded up and look deformed.

TxCountryBeauty 10

I really hate to think that any female could look like that. Our reproductive organs are supposed to be a beautiful work of art.

Inheritance 10

Agreed but there are some cases that something goes wrong and it doesn't work out as so.

Yea I'm with you 12 how do you get an old homeless women out of salami, oh wait I wish I didn't see that connection

Thinking pepperoni on over-baked pizza... shudder

Interesting that she, as a homeless person, was clean-shaven. (Otherwise, you wouldn't have been able to see past the hair.)

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Good point, but for some reason my stupid mind visualized an unshaved homeless lady before I could stop myself. Now I'm nauseous and sad.

Women's hair can thin out with age -- everywhere.