The customer is always right

By peachass - 29/12/2015 04:59 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, at work, a woman decided to use the changing room as a public toilet, to wipe the urine with the clothes she tried on, then leave the mess along with her soiled underwear and a used maxi pad for me to clean up. FML
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I sometimes wonder how these complete mentalists blend in with normal people when they're not doing the most ratchet/bizarre things :-/

I had a customer pee in the fitting room and give me back the skirt she used to clean herself up. This is a whole new level.


In all honesty, I would have quit in that situation. Props to you OP, you stuck through it, maybe ask for a raise. FYL

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well someone has to do it... it's unfortunate that it happened to be OP but if they had left, someone else would've had to do it and it'd be their FML

What's really messed up is this isn't an uncommon occurrence in retail. This has happened at the store I work at 4 times.

It happened at the store I work at too, multiple times, but we don't have to clean it up. We have a sanitation team for that. If it wasn't in OP's job description they shouldn't have to clean it up either

Some people just have zero consideration for the people whose job it is to clean their mess up. Sorry OP!

However, this is just another level. I'm sure clothing stores (which I'm assuming from OP's FML) they don't train on cleaning urine and human waste. A fitting room should never be that contaminated. I am positive OP doesn't get paid enough for that.

I sometimes wonder how these complete mentalists blend in with normal people when they're not doing the most ratchet/bizarre things :-/

"Ratchet" is the dumbest ******* word next to "finna"

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Crackfetus420 feels the need to express their utter disgust with the words "ratchet" and "finna" while also being a fetus. Remarkable.

@66 i think he commented that because he's on crack

I had a customer pee in the fitting room and give me back the skirt she used to clean herself up. This is a whole new level.

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People really do this?? Is this a thing?? D:

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They do..a teenager came into the fitting room and peed on a pile of clothes and left them for us to clean up.

What the actual winged flaming **** goes through someone's mind to do that? Why are they not in a mental hospital?

That's just disgusting. How deranged can you be to think of doing something like this, let alone do it

It may have been a total accident, and she may have been too embarrassed to do anything else. So while it sucks for OP, it probably sucks for the lady too.

that was no accident she's a grown woman, she knew she had to go to the restroom there is no excuse for that.

She might have a disability or bowel problem and couldn't get to the bathroom in time. It is possible that she really was too embarrassed and didn't know what to do but it really is horrible.

but then what's her excuse for leaving a used maxi pad if it was just an accident? that's nothing to do with her 'accidentally' going in there

Hm, not that I'm totally on board with the whole accident thing, it did say the woman left her soiled underwear and a used maxi pad. So the maxi pad was probably still attached to the underwear. Come to think of it... If the underwear was spoiled, it is possible it was an accident. If she did it on purpose her underwear shouldn't have gotten soiled. Unless she really was messed up and left it just to leave a fully used maxi pad along with everything else she did.

I have a hard time believing it was an accident. Even if it was, why would she leave her underwear and maxi pad behind? And why the hell would she use the clothes to wipe the urine?

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It really blows my mind there's actually people that will try and defend someone for doing this type of shit.

Even if it was an accident and she was embarrassed, that's no excuse for what she did (especially leaving her maxi pad, that's beyond disgusting to leave your maxi pad for someone else to throw away) She should have told an employee, not purposely ruin merchandise in an attempt to hide it and leave it for someone else to clean up. I know exactly how embarrassing an accident like this can be. I was once trying on maternity clothes and between being 8 months pregnant and a bladder infection, I couldn't get changed back into my clothes and to the bathroom in time. It was probably one of the most embarrassing situations I've been in, but I still let someone know and asked for some cleaning supplies so someone else didn't have to touch my bodily fluids. Thankfully, I was at least able to get out of the pants I was trying on, so none of their merchandise was ruined and the floor wasn't carpeted, so it was easy to clean and sanitize the floor properly. But if that hadn't been the case, I definitely would have paid for any ruined merchandise and professional carpet cleaning. It comes down to personal responsibility. Accidents happen, but that doesn't exempt people from needing to take responsibility

i will defend this as my fiances 86 year old mother who has very bad dementia and can't feel her bladder had had these sort of accidents (his sister got someone to help with clean up and didn't leave it or use clothes) but there are ways this can happen. though embarrassed or not they shouldn't have used clothes

How does one even get to the point of not giving a shit?

She gives a shit, but in the wrong place.

Very well played.

That's just ****** up!

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Sounds like urine a bad situation

I guess on the bright side it sounds like she only urinated. It definitely could have been a shittier situation.

Nope, it says Maxi it wasn't shitty, but it wasn't just urine either...

Jesus Christ you are not getting paid enough.

good Lord, you are not lying one bit. who Tf does that?