By grossed out - 21/09/2016 09:21 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, whilst in a dressing room trying on some new clothes, I experienced the sheer terror of having someone fling a pair of dirty panties over the stall wall only to make off with some stolen ones, whilst you're still standing there in shock staring at another woman's dirty underwear. FML
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Well, I guess now you know Victoria's dirty secret.

She sounds like a shit-stain of a person.


That sucks. I hope you told the employees!

Well, I guess now you know Victoria's dirty secret.

She sounds like a shit-stain of a person.

I see your comments everywhere.

That's because FML is such an awesome site.

What does a shit-stain sound like?

Some dudes would pay a lot of money for that treatment!

Yo she said DIRTY underwear.

And a lot of people, primarily males, do in fact pay a lot of money for dirty underwear.

with skidmarks?

There are some gross people out there, 23.

#24. I would not call someone gross because of their (Yes, I think the idea is gross) fetish as long as no one is affected by it.

@26 but sniffing shit stains out of a pair of panties is gross i bet its all crusty too

And for the record, I'm not one of those dudes.

27. Yer, it is gross. But it could be your dad or maybe Obama.

Thanks, Obama.

Aww I thought that I was going to be all funny and say. "I'll give you $20 for them"

Sheer terror? Really? At a pair of dirty undies?

Dude.. Girls underwear can get pretty nasty. Especially if it's that time of the month for her. Id be terrified too

ANYONE's underwear can be nasty. In fact, I'd argue that 8/10 times unwashed underwear is nasty.

I mean I'd freak out if I wasn't expecting it

I feel like this woman had so many alternative options...

Atleast it didnt land on your face!

no, you misread the situation... it's a new Olympic sport: the 100 meter Dirty Panty Relay... u gotta hand it off to the next lady, unless you were the anchor :))

Were you in Frankston?

If it was Frankston, a dirty needle would be more likely.

Well... She must have had good reason to have to do so. Or she's just a sick person who needs to be disciplined.

I meant steal the underwear, not throw her dirty ones! Haha