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Rest assured that I set the student straight.
By tpj24 / Wednesday 8 January 2014 00:00 / United States - Ankeny
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  micgelleya  |  15

What if the student was an exchange student?

  subiedude08  |  17



At least OP isn't a lazy Fat Man.

  Booda_Shun  |  28

little *BOY. Jeez Stormfront, you do know very little about historic US military operations despite being a wannabe service member.


@Booda_Shun It was a minor slip up? To assume that I know nothing about the military and it's operations based on one comment alone is petty. I've done more than you ever will in your life. 10th Mtn 3rd BCT Bravo Co. I'd tell you my MOS, but even then I doubt if you know that that in itself means. Person in the pic is an officer that is my personal friend from the AF...as if anyone can get a pic of a stealth bomber pilot posing in front of such an expensive plane...so stop assuming. Low-life


Did my BCT at Fort Jackson and I spent 13 months stationed at FOB Shank in Afghanistan 2009. Was in Fort Drum for most of my contract with the 10th Mtn Division. Everyone has a different role to play for their country, and I fulfilled mine. I don't even know why I waste my time trying to justify myself to you. You insult a former military member, and try to be funny about it? You are a disgrace, not as a civi, but as a person.

  Booda_Shun  |  28

Well you're a disgrace to all active, reserved, and retired servicemen. Never before have I met a member of ANY branch of the military as big-headed and arrogant as you are. Not to mention cocky.

By  vic55jets  |  13

Shame on their previous teachers.

  ashsaunde  |  13

That's not necessarily true. I was never taught about Pearl Harbor in school or several other major history events. The only reason I've learned about them is because my dad is a huge history buff.

  KillSwitch96  |  17

Dear #86, The sentence should read: No, they are *the exact same* stupid idiots *as* before. They just have a little bit more knowledge. If you're going to insult people, at least make sure your grammar is accurate before doing so.

By  Chris9616  |  12

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16- It's fine, it's easy to miss a word or two when you're reading casually. 17- You have to learn everything about history for a first time, so if the students were in a lower grade they may have not learned about Pearl Harbor yet.

By  khaoticpanda  |  28

'Murica. At least they know now, and were hopefully listening.

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