By canabana - 11/04/2009 08:42 - Canada

Today, I spent 3 hours trying to close a simple $400 deal with a homeowner. He spent 3 hours telling me about his life story including his marital problems, his philosophical views of the world, AND he read me 20 pages of haiku poems. Only 3 hours later did he tell me he couldn't accept my deal. FML
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"All these dumb haikus. Would you just accept my deal? Oh hell, fuck my life."

guess he's pretty lonely


fatalscape 0

LOL. wow. people like that are annoying as hell. when you think youre building a rapport with your customers they just let you know they were wasting time that you cant get back. i couldnt count the hours of my life i wish i could get back due to people like them.

..that sucks..

guess he's pretty lonely

Cluztycutie0728 0

Haha!! FIRST! I WOULD KICK THAT GUYS ASS!!! You must have a ton a pateints

basketballbabee 0

Ouch, man that sucks!

"All these dumb haikus. Would you just accept my deal? Oh hell, fuck my life."

Your haiku comment Made me nod approvingly Well done to you sir.

That blows. You should've refused to talk about anything but business.

"all these dumb stories. would you just accept my deal? You douche. Fuck my life."

ohshitcock 0

I hate sad and lonely people who need to tell you all of their life problems right after first meeting them. I'm a bartender and those kinds of patrons are the worst tippers.