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Today, a girl told me she couldn't text me anymore, because she was too tired and had to sleep. Over the next three hours, she updated her Facebook and Twitter accounts, and made a YouTube video of herself singing. FML
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That has happened to me way to often. I'm sorry OP.


That has happened to me way to often. I'm sorry OP.

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When people say that its usually because your conversation has ended. I wouldn't take offense personally.

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just because the conversation ended, doesn't mean you have to stalk her..

Happened to me as well. It really sucks, sorry OP...

18 and 27. There is this mature thing that grown ups do... It's called saying you are gonna go, not lying and saying you're going to bed when you're gonna then post on Facebook, twitter, and YouTube...

hockeychicl003 6

I know, I'm just saying he didn't have to go and creep her

Who says it was stalking? If he already has her on FB, Twitter, and YouTube, he would see the notifications as he checks them.

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Then he needs a life instead of being glued to the computer..

81. First of all. Smartphone. I can do all three from a smartphone. Second of all. If it was late enough for her to pull of a fake "going to bed" goodbye, then it's probably late enough for him you be on the computer. Or do you expect people to never touch a computer and spend all day out and about then come home and sleep? Personally, I work 40+ hours a week, drive an hour both ways almost every weekend to support local rock musicians, AND spend time gaming and surfing the net. I also hang it with friends/family and occasionally swim. Do I not have a life?

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She sounds like a typical high school girl these days

If someone is gonna lie to you it's best that you don't talk to her anymore. Just move on and save yourself from hell before you get sucked into it. Take my advice it happens to my friend all the time haha. He's just to retarded to notice it.

Is it bad that I do that all the time? I mean I don't want to be rude, a little white lie can't hurt anybody. Plus I'm smart enough to know not to go on any social networking sites so the guy won't know haha

It's easier to say I am tired then say dude shut up I need to become a YouTube sensation

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Don't really get the thing with "white lies" there is not so many things you really NEED to lie about, rather than telling the truth. most things will bite you in the ass

Not everyone likes to be engaged in conversation every waking moment. I tell people I have to go when I'm just done talking for a while.

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Attempt to be first failed, eh?

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I don't think "giggity" really works in response to this situation...

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Maybe op shouldn't be so boring

I wanted to thumb this down, but it had -69 so I had to suppress my urge and leave it.

Wait, OP, you knew she did all of these things and maybe others you didn't want to mention... In 3 hours? Maybe that's why she doesn't want to text you anymore. CREEP!!

Jessj958 19

Sorry to be mean, but that's just a bitchy thing to do. Don't waste your time on someone who isn't willing to be honest with you.

I agree, she should have said I don't feel like texting right now, instead of being a bitch about it.

Not everyone loves texting. When I have someone continuously texting me I sometimes tell a white lie just to stop having to pick up my phone every 30 seconds. It's not that I don't want to talk, I just find texting tiresome. Maybe she does too. Lastly, texting someone too much can be overwhelming. Play it cool.

Also, she could've already tried to sound disinterested or quit the convo many other ways. Many people think you're rude if you just say, "Okay, I'm done with this, bye," so you let them down easy. If they're a bit daft, though, it's either bluntness or a white lie. Just so happens that she wasn't tactful enough to not make it blatant...

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74- yes yes yes! everything you said is spot on. I feel the same way. Telling someone " hey I don't want to talk to you right now" is rude. I personally feel telling a white lie isn't that bad in this situation. Almost any way you phrase " I don't want to talk" will come out in negative way, imo.

jojimugo 20

Both metaphorically and literally

I would've just either liked her status, retweet her or text her about her 'amazing' new video. Casually let her know.

Maybe she was planning to sleep, then figured out she was too restless and didn't wanna text OP in case he fell asleep.

I'm curious what people think: is it kinder to lie to someone in hopes of not hurting their feelings, or to be blunt and straightforward?

Blunts are better. If you roll them right.

Jessj958 19

Blunt and straight forward...think about it like this-if someone lied to you about something, would your feelings be more hurt that they lied or if they had just told the truth in the 1st place? If the truth is gonna hurt someone's feelings I can only imagine it would hurt them worse had they been lied to.

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No one likes a poorly rolled blunt.

I'd rather someone e blunt and straight forward with me. You just hurt people by lying kinda like leading someone on...

DeadxManxWalking 27

Lies hurt more than the truth.

I prefer blunt and honest as well. Don't lie to me, and I won't lie to you. Lie to me, and I have no time left for you.

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It's kinder to lie, if you know how to lie properly. If you're an inconsistent liar, like this girl, then it's better to be blunt.

Straight forward. I'd feel like an idiot if someone did that to me

I'd say be honest, yet tactful. Don't lie, don't beat around the bush, but also be considerate if possible. No need to be unbelievably rude. My opinion. :)

Could depend on the lie. If you said something like 'no of course I didn't blow all the money you gave me for the rent on drugs!' then that might come back to you. But if you said something like 'no, I don't have any drugs to hook you up with on your roommates rent money' then you'll probably be the worst drug dealer in town, but it's not such a bad thing.

Well, I'm straightforward and don't sugar-coat anything. I expect the same in return. If someone lies to me, I won't trust them again. Small lies cascade into a big mess. And plus, i feel that if you think you need to lie to me, then our friendship/relationship won't work because you can't trust me enough to give me the truth. So it hurts worse in the end.

I'm not Willy Wonka I don't sugar coat shit

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if she were blunt you would be more upset atleast she was trying to be nice

ArmlessSkydiver 7

You do not make sense. What do drugs have to do with lying?

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Straightforward and blunt. Hurts, but doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

ImmaB3AST 7

If that's the case then shes mean and probably cold-hearted you don't want someone like that in your life. The least someone could do is show a little honesty. It's better than being caught in mid-lie.

Or she isn't a bitch and she's just creeped out by the fact that OP apparently stalks her and she's too nice to call him out on it, so she's trying to distance herself from him and his obsessiveness.

How do you all comment so fast!? Hurry must think of something witty to say- shit.


Probably because most of us read very fast and have an opinion on pretty much everything. I know I do. LOL!!!

maybe she's creeped out by how you always follow her online.

I will give OP the benefit of the doubt here - He could be subscribed to her FB, and got notifications of her Tweet and YouTube video, since after all, people link everything to FB...

There is one good thing about the overrunning of social networking in today's society. That is that it's very easy to catch someone in a lie like this. Why bother lying at all? This girl is pretty stupid if she's going to tell OP something like that, knowing she has him on her Facebook page.

Thank you! Op she probably doesn't want to talk to you because you're a creepy internet stalker.

That's stupid. Why do people lie in situations like this? If she really wasnt interested, she could have said 'Hey, I really should go.' I never understood why you would lie. You can politely say the truth.

"I really should go" isn't the truth either if she was still online for a while afterwards.

25, yeah, you're right. I was thinking more 'Maybe we should talk later' or 'I need to check a few things [twitter, Facebook, and Youtube] so maybe another time.'

A7X_LoVeee 10

Seems to me she doesn't want to talk to him, ever. So those excuses would be lies too.

What's a polite way to say, "I'm sick of talking to you." "I'm sick of texting?" Then if OP was butthurt, she'd have to say, "It's not you. It's just texting." But maybe it was OP. OP hasn't told us if he's annoying and just doesn't know how to let a texting conversation die...