By loko0909 - / Monday 4 January 2016 04:57 / United States - Cincinnati
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  Cinderheart  |  5

The daughter will be half blood related if her ex boyfriend is the father of the other child(assuming the ex is op's daughter's father). Thus making them half-siblings, which most people just say sister, brother or sibling.

By  Malsain_fml  |  10

So... Both OP and the other girl are pregnant.
The guy seems to be the dad of OP's child, but I do hope taht the other girl is not. It would only make things worse for them.

  Malsain_fml  |  10

Ok, now I get it.
She already has a daughter and the guy cheated on her and might end up having another baby.
I know it's easy to say, but who cares what he does as long as he is not with you anymore...?

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