By loko0909 - 04/01/2016 04:57 - United States - Cincinnati

Today, my ex-boyfriend admitted the reason he broke up with me was because he cheated and felt awful about it. The girl is now pregnant, but he swears it isn't his. Guess we'll find out in a few months if my daughter has a sibling. FML
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step kids, so much fun. maybe you could all move in together and get a TV show out of it.


Eesh... Go with your instincts for now. That's a tough situation!!! You could even ask her if he's the father...

he made a horrible decision. but I gotta give him some respect for admitting to his faults. most people that cheat don't ever tell their SO

step kids, so much fun. maybe you could all move in together and get a TV show out of it.

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I think it would be half siblings. The title could play on that, like "Half Crazy" or something.

I believe that, if he was the father for both children, the children would be half siblings.

Yes the kids would be half-siblings, but the one would be OP's step-kid if she and her ex were to get married.

But only if he retained any custody of that child.

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That's incredibly dishonest of him. You deserve better! I hope you and your daughter are okay and can move through this without too much hassle. Good Luck OP?

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How will your daughter have a sibling if he's your ex-boyfriend?

The daughter will be half blood related if her ex boyfriend is the father of the other child(assuming the ex is op's daughter's father). Thus making them half-siblings, which most people just say sister, brother or sibling.

are you kidding #6.... please tell me you're kidding.

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Wow, I'm sorry OP, I hope you get through this hectic situation without too many mental scars.

That is some seriously shady business... I guess it's better to know now, so you can move on with your life.

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So... Both OP and the other girl are pregnant. The guy seems to be the dad of OP's child, but I do hope taht the other girl is not. It would only make things worse for them.

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Ok, now I get it. She already has a daughter and the guy cheated on her and might end up having another baby. Honestly... I know it's easy to say, but who cares what he does as long as he is not with you anymore...?

I kept trying to read it as OP's daughter is the pregnant one, but your idea actually makes sense.

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My goodness some of you need read more thoroughly. The situation is truly not that difficult to understand.