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Today, I was swimming with my friends at the local pool. My friend pushed me under, and as I came up for air, my hand stroked a hairy leg. It turns out I had caressed the leg of an old man who had been swimming laps. He spent the next half hour creepily smiling at me. FML
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I posted this and I am a girl

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Well you're obviously meant to be together.

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That man probably hasn't had any action in months or years, and you just made his day. Take it as a compliment, a creepy, creepy, compliment.


Well you're obviously meant to be together.

A match made in heav- or the local pool

DontClickOnMe 28

I know, right? I wonder when their wedding will be.

You should get his number... and use it to find his identity and report him to the police for sexual harassment.

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15- Y? He obviously only did that because he thought she liked him..

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Sexual harassment for smiling? I'd love to see that happen.

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20- They never said the gender. For all you know, he could be like Herbert from family guy.

45- if it was a guy, then it would be a WHOLE lot more awkwarder.

mac_miller55 2

I posted this and I am a girl

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Isn't there supposed to be an "original poster" icon/wording under this chick's comment if it was her?

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Probably not because they selected it to be anonymous; it would be pointless to say anonymous and then point out that that person commented on the FML.

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75- the gender is right next to the FML.

88- not this one. Wasn't specified until the OP posted a comment about it.

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89- scroll up to the FML and look to your right.

Well, if anything, at least there old. If say, a bodybuilder did that, then you should obviously have a right to be scared.

2 - this has nothing to do with your comment but I adore your profile pic. :]

I don't love creepy old men. Creepy old men love me.

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'Hey I just met you, and you just stroked me, so here's my number, come home with me maybe?;)'

Yeah, you don't figuratively love creepy old men; you literally love creepy old men. Makes sense man.

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That man probably hasn't had any action in months or years, and you just made his day. Take it as a compliment, a creepy, creepy, compliment.

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3- You really have a Justin B. haircut? My son just asked if he could have one...

Mmm, got yourself a catch there. Give him a smile back. He's the friendly neighbourhood pervert, he's safe!!!!

Or smile back so creepily he gets freaked out. To beat the creeps, you gotta out-creep them!

Sing the "call me maybe-creepy girl version"

Yep, who cares if he's old or say looks funny. If he's healthy (swimming) and is friendly enough to smile, then he's a keeper.

Haha let's hope he wasn't a rapist. Jk. but that's creepy!

It's like the beginning of either a horror movie.. Or a romantic comedy.

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Sounds like a hairy beast lol

A friend that wants to be more than friends ;)

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Don't be rude. Smile back at the creeper. :)

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I would of hit my friend for pushing me under...

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Well alrighty then. One time an old guy was staring at me and he wouldn't look away. Every time I looked back he was staring. As soon as I told my friend and she looked back, he looked away though. So I can kind of relate. But , sorry for the creepy encounter!

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Are you sure it was his leg? Giggidy.

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"Stroked his hairy leg"? Is that what kids are calling it now?

Since when were penises hairy (beyond the base)?

Blackmail111 9

41, penises can become very hairy if the hair is not trimmed. Dick hair can grow really long.

hair can definitely grow on the shaft... but personally, I shave mine

Lesson learned: never eat breakfast while reading FML comments. Now my yogurt doesn't taste so delightful.

It's giggity, Seth MacFarlane corrected so on his Twitter.

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It was his third leg...if you know what I mean