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By Busted - 05/03/2023 06:00

Today, I woke up to find my girlfriend not sleeping next to me. I go to my car and found a plethora of printed screenshots of me commenting things like, “So hot babe”, “Beautiful! I’d tap that” and other compliments on my female friends’ pictures on Facebook. My girlfriend’s not picking up her phone. FML
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tiptoppc 19

You totally deserve it. Eff your (now ex) girlfriends life. You, on the other hand can burn.


tiptoppc 19

You totally deserve it. Eff your (now ex) girlfriends life. You, on the other hand can burn.

Being complimentary should be fine, though I'd say "I'd tap that" was taking it a little bit far if you're supposed to be monogamous. So (assuming the woman who decoratated your car is now an ex) it's time to (a) first, work on your phrasing for appropriateness (b) find somebody less jealous and preferably whose reaction to your overdoing it trying to be nice to friends is to call you a dumbass (c) learn to appreciate what makes men attractive because if you can join in going "huh, cute dude" with your girlfriend the secure ones are usually sufficiently pleased about it they'll be more comfortable with you noticing "cute girl" later. But seriously, dude, "you look fantastically hot like that" is theoretically risky (I'd probably use 'gorgeous' or 'beautiful' or or 'stunning or just 'you look fantastic' ) but even if it was genuinely meant as just another compliment "I'd tap that" was taking your life in your own hands. This may feel like a lecture but it's also probably the closest to a supportive comment you're going to get, and the only thing to be done here is probably Man Up and Carry On :P

I would approve of this. When one is in a relationship one won't stop noticing how attractive someone else might be. But be *very* careful about commenting on other people's looks lest you wind up in the dog house.

Appropriate compliments regarding women you aren't dating are things like, "Your shoes are cool", "Great job on breaking those records you wanted to break", or "congrats on the new job/promotion/etc". Not comments on how you would **** women you know or want to **** them. Because, let's be honest, we all know if a women in a relationship actually said she wanted to **** YOUR hot man friend then you're fragile little man ego would crumple. And all we'd hear is how much of a ***** she is. so, no... don't give us some bs about "confidence " when no man would tolerate this shit if roles were reversed.

I couldn't agree more. Excellent comment.

soundsfakebutok 9

“I’d tap that” isn’t a compliment coming from a “friend”. you’re creepy af

did you do those comments in your sleep or…?

You'd better have been looking at a beer keg!

By your surprise at this, I’m going to assume that there were substances involved in this. Learn your limits and find out if you have a problem.

She was just introducing you to your newest friend, the consequences of your own actons.

Were the comments made before you two became an item? Then she's overreacting, but you're still kind of cringe, my dude. Were they made after you got together? Yeah, you deserve it. Hope she finds happiness elsewhere.