By Crossy - 23/08/2009 06:54 - Australia

Today, a friend jokingly asked who in my relationship wears the pants. My girlfriend replied, "I'm not sure, but I've got photos to prove I don't wear the skirt." FML
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Who is modding all of these stupid FML's?

dinosaursmoo 0

Wait, does that mean you wear skirts? I dont get it..


dinosaursmoo 0

Wait, does that mean you wear skirts? I dont get it..

That, or pictures of her with no skirt OR pants on. What's with all these weird and bogus ones getting through?

i think it might mean that she has pictures of the guy in a skirt....

Ack, if he wore the "skirt" he should just pass it off as a kilt, Afterall, real men wear kilts!

sexymessy 0

yeah I think she means HE wears the skirt...maybe she has a pic of him in one? LOL

Hich17 0

I had the same question. I think it means she has pictures of him in a skirt, but when I first read it, I assumed she meant she had pictures of herself in no skirt, which means... YDI for not playing it off properly. And for wearing a skirt.

Paradoxasaurus 0

I say cross dressing fetish. What a shoddy FML.

They probably were just messing around with gender roles, tried something new and he liked it!

OP's name is crossy. Safe bet she has photo evidence of him in skirts.

Who is modding all of these stupid FML's?

If you don't like them, moderate them yourself, it's an all-for system.

Escapist28 0

I'm pretty sure it means she has photos of the OP wearing a skirt

in a healthy relationship she shouldn't be wearing anything so what's the problem?

livelovelife01 0

wtf? you wear a skirt? unless it's a kilt or something it's more like FYourgirlfriend'sL... or maybe I'm understanding this FML wrong...

It probably WAS a kilt - wore one too once (I've lost a bet) and my ex gf told everyone I wore a skirt. Or there are pictures of her without skirt..or pants...or whatever. Either way, your (OP) girlfriend really has a good sense of humour ;)

Dillybar 0

Hahah. I love wearing the pants. It's fun controlling guys ;)

Wear the pants. You will never wear the balls.

psmart101 0

hell yeah, tell her. It's not the pants, it's what's inside

its not always fun for the guys but like me some guys like havin the girl wear the pants

That sucks. But your friend probably thought your girlfriend was just joking. Hopefully, assuming you didn't want him to know. :/ (Which you probably didn't, hence the FML)

junjouromantica 0

Who cares who wears what? As long as you both enjoy yourselves. This "manliness" crap bugs me sometimes.