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  Hich17  |  0

I had the same question. I think it means she has pictures of him in a skirt, but when I first read it, I assumed she meant she had pictures of herself in no skirt, which means...

YDI for not playing it off properly. And for wearing a skirt.

  Subtext  |  10

It probably WAS a kilt - wore one too once (I've lost a bet) and my ex gf told everyone I wore a skirt.

Or there are pictures of her without skirt..or pants...or whatever.

Either way, your (OP) girlfriend really has a good sense of humour ;)

By  jewjewbee  |  6

That sucks. But your friend probably thought your girlfriend was just joking. Hopefully, assuming you didn't want him to know. :/ (Which you probably didn't, hence the FML)