Oh, hai Mark

By grossuncle - 25/02/2010 17:44 - United States

Today, I was bored at work looking at a sex offender list of my area. After a couple of pages, I saw my uncle. FML
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EricJ 3

People can get on the list who didn't do anything wrong. Maybe he pulled down his pants to pee in a lake and got convicted of indecent exposure. Find out what happened.


spiderman0606 0

^ made me laugh :) I'd be pretty gutted personally, iu can't know if he's been checking you out for years

chocobunnyyumyum 0

I'm pretty sure your uncle is thinking the same thing"WTF is he doing here?"

Did it bring back any memories you might have supressed?

Pearljammer001 0

now you know what your parents were talking about when they told you " oh, we'll tell you when your older"!

NRA_advocate 5

Well if the uncle is on there for molestation of a child then just show him the BME pain olympics video and tell him if he touches anyone in your family that you will do that to him.

ryguy997 0

now that is disturbing. I hope he never helped you shower/change your diaper.

well i think that is the last time you ever talk to him..

you could be on that list next. perversion runs in families. its genetic. dont allow any kids to play at your house or near your relatives.

EricJ 3

People can get on the list who didn't do anything wrong. Maybe he pulled down his pants to pee in a lake and got convicted of indecent exposure. Find out what happened.

Hey, you can get caught doing that TWICE before you're on the list. Third time's the charm ;D

sex offenders :| no, they get put up their for doing something to a minor.

Um no. It's basically any sex-related crime. http://desexoffender.dsp.delaware.gov/SexOffenderPublic/# (Accept and click "FAQ") It's a state site, but it doesn't vary THAT greatly between states. It has nothing to do with age.

Peter Kay - every family has an uncle nobhead I'm pretty sure the uncle nobhead and the peado uncle could be the same uncle :)

There are plenty of new sex offenders thanx to facebook because 16 year olds post naked pictures of their 16 year old exes on facebook and tell the police to **** themselves when told to take it down and voila they are now sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

junker311 0

actually that's not true. you can get one there for peeing in public, getting caught having sex in your car etc. that's a misconception that you only get on there for doing stuff to minors.

doglover100 28

Reminds me of the movie Horrible Bosses where one of the main characters was on the list for peeing in a playground bush at night. There were no kids around.

killabee 0

I had my navel pierced and was showing some girls at school, they asked me where I had gotten it done. When I told them they all gasped and quickly googled the sex offenders list...showing me the very polite man who had just pierced me was a pedo-rapist. YAY. : This however is much worse, your uncle? *shudders*

Mmm, you should be fine, but watch your back at the family reunion >>;

TheBreaKer_fml 0

well its her uncle, its not like he's gonna try it on a family member

Most sex offenders start on family members. They find it's easier to get away with.

NGM_47 0

Well, now that mystery of why your uncle used to "poke" you when you sat on his lap is finally resolved.

GeorgeBoosh 0

"Uncle, you're always SO pleased to see me"

Is this the uncle who used to make you fish quarters out of his pocket? FYL.

This happened to me, but it was my neighbors. Now I always carry arround a string of garlic and a pair of razor sharp scissors.

WTF?^^ =/ OP, having a sex offender within the family is just unfortunate. I remember looking up that list once and I found 5 people that I knew or had met before, yes 5. Two were neighbors, one worked at the local deli, one was the local gym's janitor and one person was our landlord. Yes, landlord. And then all that weird staring started to make sense. If you guys have kids or younger siblings or even for yourself reading your local sex offender's list is insanely helpful. Just to be on the safe side.

htownlove 0

hmmm.. well all I can say for u is watch out