By Scared - 23/08/2009 06:19 - United States

Today, when I opened the door to my room at night, I saw this big menacing thing staring right at me. I gasped and my heart started racing. I apprehensively turned on the lights, and I realized that it was the semi-deflated Spongebob balloon that has been in my room for weeks. FML
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Mods, please choose quality over quantity.

zoesterhp 0

not fml worthy


zoesterhp 0

not fml worthy

americayay 0

Agreed. Scared by a Spongebob balloon. Is that really the story? Is there something I'm missing?

lax2319 0

how the hell did this make it past moderation?

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I lol'ed at this. it is more of a lol than a fml though !

SayPeanuts 29

Today, I got temporarily frightened by an inanimate object in the dark. I then turned on the lights and everything was okay again. FML

EvilCupcake8361 9

haha this happens to me all the freaking time so why is this an FML?

yeah wow fuck your life were scared by a balloon...who gives a shit

Mods, please choose quality over quantity.

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ur life is sooooo fucked HA

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that happened to me once...

I agree with #5. I've had a couple of balloons in the past that would last forever and after a while you forget you have them. They used to always catch me off guard because no one expects something to be moving in their room.


this is more of an MLIA

Today I drank a cup of tea. FML the above will be next, and if it does appear, I'm leaving -.-

aww this is cute. everyone has those moments =)

so? how is this an fml, at all? i don't even think this is mlia worthy.

is mlia and fml the same company?

OMFG your life is fucked....