By wrecked - 09/06/2014 21:03 - United States

Today, I ran into my girlfriend by chance while out shopping. She looked different than usual. Maybe it was the wedding ring she was wearing, or how she had her arm around another gentleman, gee, I don't know. That's two years of my life wasted. FML
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Be happy you don't have to deal with such trash anymore. Sorry though, OP. You should have let the man know what trash she is too!

let the man know you were her boyfriend hopefully he dumps her and you dump her then she doesn't have anyone


Be happy you don't have to deal with such trash anymore. Sorry though, OP. You should have let the man know what trash she is too!

Or just walk up to her and calmly say "the test results came back positive". Then turn and walk away.

At least your not the poor guy who put a ring on her finger!

martin8337 35

Or let him find out for himself.

Not cool. That's not what men do

I hope the guy realises that she cheated on him.

Wedding ring? Dont you mean engagement ring? Dont you think you would have known about it by the wedding?

117 Are you confused? The woman had a wedding ring and was (presumably) with her husband. OP saw this and realized he was dating a married woman.

I just think she's just an a***ole

let the man know you were her boyfriend hopefully he dumps her and you dump her then she doesn't have anyone

badluckalex 23

make sure its public too!

But why would he believe some random guy over his wife? All she has to say is "of course I don't know this guy, he's just some lunatic causing trouble" and OP will just end up looking like a jackass.

If OP and the woman had dated for two years, I'm sure he had at least one photo of her in his phone. Perhaps even one of them together. He could even show text messages between them as proof. Phones make life simple. All he has to do is find one thing on his phone as proof if the woman's husband doesn't believe him. Or he could state the last date he saw her and ask the husband where he thought his wife was at the time. Idk, there are many possibilities to bring up evidence.

Scynistr 20

I'm sure OP has some form of proof. Pictures.. Friends who've seen them together.. Maybe she met his parents?

These are good points. You're right, I'm sure he could convince the husband one way or another. And now that I think of it, it's also entirely possible the husband already has some suspicions. It's hard to keep something like that a secret for so long. He must wonder where she always disappears to...

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Great comment to make OP feel better!

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Well, there's no need to be a bitch about it. He already knows, no need to be that way.

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We don't even know if she was necessarily a gold digger. We just knew she was trash that no one should want and making OP feel low for someone like that would make him feel much worse than he already feels. No need to point it out if it is already obvious.

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Perhaps a bit of tact should be used next time 22.

Wow, I feel this internet love right here. I'm proud to say this is my first comment ever gotten a -90+ on

I think I might thumb, you down again just for the hell of it.

aw hell thank you

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People like her don't deserve to be with anyone! Monogamy really isn't all that challenging if you have even an ounce of self-control.

I don't understood how monogamy takes even an ounce of self-control. When I date a girl I stop finding other girls that attractive anymore, and I know a lot of people who have the same thing happen to them. And even if that doesn't happen, I just don't understand how people can do something that they know will greatly hurt the person they love. Do people who cheat just not feel guilt or what?

Some people are just not wired to be monogamous. But those people should be honest about it and date other poly people, rather than being lying assholes and going behind their partner's backs.

I'm polyamorous, all those I date are aware of it as well. I've tried to be...monoamorous? I'm not sure how one would spell it, so I'll just say monogamous instead. It wasn't for me.

I personally don't believe in monogamy but to each their own. That's what open relationships are for. I tend to be attracted to people for different reasons.

32 - wait until you've been married to someone for ten years. Then let's chat.

We as humans are not born to be Monogamous.

asnakelovinbabe 16

I've been with my husband for close to 10 years and I don't feel like cheating yet. I wonder why. Maybe it didn't kick in yet. Maybe I should wait until the day of our 10th anniversary. I'm sure I'll be eating my words then. Right? ಠ__ಠ

I've heard a girl say that if she was attracted to someone else then her current lover was obviously at fault and not doing his/her job. Some people are just soulless and entitled, and think the world owes them

Obviously #59 does not have that ounce of self control we were just talking about.

dannnngthatsux 19

I'd call ten years some self control. Obviously something has gone wrong. Hopefully they work on it and fix it.

Coeliacchic93 21

#32 apparently that's not the 'norm' I've been with my boyfriend for two years now and since we started dating I am not attracted to anyone else. it doesn't even cross my mind. I personally don't understand people who aren't monogamous, I have nothing against them but I have never understood it. I think it's because I am demi sexual, it's a very interesting thing to research. what I thought was normal and common, isn't as common as I thought.

Been married to my soulmate for 5 years now. I've never felt like cheating & don't plan to. I don't think it's fair to lie to someone you love.

Punch her in the throat

That's a great idea......iiiif OP wants to go to jail.

If someone has a 2 year long relationship with somebody else when they already have a spouse then they do kind of deserve a punch to the throat.

Or a choke hold.

Definitely a punch to the throat.

rear naked all the way

What about a choke slam into her shopping cart

Assault is never the answer to a situation like that. Never. I feel bad for OP but please don't advocate assault even if it is "a joke"

#100 Dude, calm down its FML we are here for jokes and to laugh at things. Yes, assault is a serious thing, but c'mon.

Starcatch77 20

No matter what happened in her own marriage neither of the men deserve that. If you don't want to stay with someone break up with them, if you do then stay monogamous. Why cheat?

Because that would make too much sense and logic is never the answer.

Speaking the truth!

At least you found out now

But how long ago was it that you last saw your girlfriend? Suddenly she's married?! Wow that escalated quickly!

#29 I don't think you understood. She was most likely married the whole 2 years she was with him.

#43. Omg! Sorry I'm a bit slow today!! Lol. Thanks for that!!

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She's probably already married considering OP called it a wedding ring and not an engagement ring

Mortoli 30

I would still tell the guy. He doesn't deserve a cheating wife unless he's a bad man, but from how op called him a gentleman I would ruin their relationship right there by telling him about her.

That's truly awful. What a devious bitch. I'm really sorry for you OP you deserve better. This needs a follow up though.....what did her husband have to say??

I hope you informed her husband of your predicament. sorry for your luck op